Friday, March 13, 2009

My world came crashing down on Friday the 13th, March 2009

Friday the 13th's are always unlucky for me. Read the label of Friday the 13th to know what happened on the previous one. What happened on this one?
Read at your risk- Warning- It's yet another depressing post by Depressed Devastated Dads...Mads :(

Friday the 13th started off on a horrible note, when I got up at 8:15 for my 9 'o clock class and I still ended up being late. They rang the bell 3 minutes before 9, but yeah, I got attendance (after running at Usain Bolt speed) My legs ached hell lot since I'm not supposed to run and specially exert my knees. And as to why I'm not supposed to exert my knees and blah blah, never mind, and any questions asked regarding this will be left unanswered. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

We got our project deadline extended till 16th, instead of 14th, so we were really happy and Non Dostanta gay. We had only 3 classes, so I came back to my room thinking I would work on the project and finish it off so that I could party during the weekend (with my other project who's deadline is on 18th.Gah!)

I discovered my laptop wasn't working. Now. I adore some non living things in life. My laptop is one of them, and I hate it if anything happens to him (Yes, my laptop's a HIM!!) or anyone bad mouthes him. I guessed the hard disc had crashed (from the blah blah it mouthed in its code language) but I was hoping I was wrong.

I brought him home. Gah. The hard disc HAD crashed. All my data has vanished. All the cricketters pics, MY pics, my SONGS (Wahhhhhhh), my stories and poems. And the worst part is the ganda icing on our mess ka cake. All my research and all the data I typed out from books at 68 words per minute (Yo, that's my typing speed) is all gone. I had saved a little on my gmail, but most of the drafted and edited parts is all gone.

My parents are pissed with me--What did I do? I never saved porn videos or anything which made the hard disc so full that it burst :-(

This is yet another cribbing post, which makes it 3 cribbing posts in a row(Whoopie, hattrick che), and I was not going to make my next post a cribbing post.

But I'm devastated.

P.S- Daddy ji promises that he will try to recover the data. Jai ho Bapu ji ki....


peter said...

first one to comment:|
should i shout YAY ?

nah i am 21 (thats old)
wah hatrick on such a ..thng .u are turning in to meena kumari (shez the tragedy queen right ?)

anyways same case wid my ..compu's pissing me off day by day ..soon i think i will somethng bad to it :-?

dun temme u ppl have laws to accuse a person whu has molested his 5year old innocent comp :P

u better not write next post like this x-(

Siya said...

Haawwww..!! :( HDD crashing is devastating!! All sympathies.
Trust me, I can totally understand how you're feeling right now!

Abhinav said...

"My parents are pissed with me--What did I do? I never saved porn videos or anything which made the hard disc so full that it burst :-("

Like they say AIDS choone se, haath milaane se, saath main khaana khaane se nahi failta, in the same way, porn dekhne se HDD crash nahi hoti!

When it comes to sympathy, there won't be anyone alive or dead who will have more sympathy for you and your HDD (may you get the data back but it is a bleack chance.. RIP) than me...

I feel sorry!

Chitwan said...

ohh....crashed?! this reminds me tht i hv to put all my important documents on my y r ur parents pissed wid you?
guess laptops hv short shelf life.

Dream'R said...

tsk tsk sad..but come on stupid of u not to save all of ur files on gmail or write them onto a CD!!
But more importantly, u can type 68 wpm!!!
PS - Get a toshiba!!

sawan said...

68 words per minute!! incredible yaar..!!!

and for u and petzie, try buyin an external hard drive, its goin cheap these days and keep a back up of crucial data.. redundancy helps..

Trinaa said...

abbey hota hai bey..teri koi galti nai hai..

btw ye hard disk kaha hota hai comp mein?? :o

vanilla sky said...

I was checking the calendar yesterday, and the next Friday the 13th is in November, so you may expect a happy time in between.

For songs, write them into a dvd if you have that option and imp proj kinda stuffs , keep them in RW cds.I think C drive always crashes, so next time show your love to D , E as well.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hope your daddyji succeeds!

Computer crashing is something that hasn't happened to me (upto this point * fingers crossed *) but yeah even my HDD is sooo full that it gives me red warnings all over!

Do not worry ji btw... and yeah kabhi kabhi achhe mood mein bhi apne blog to yaad kar liyo!! :D

Sarath said...

Best of luck with the recovery.. Would be a bugger losing so much of data..

And a typing speed of 68 goooood.. I myself have only about 50-55 ..

Ankita Agrawal said...

Ohh..tats sad re!!
i can u'stand.. :-(

I had all my data saved in my pendrive and my bro forgot it in a cafe.. :-(((
and my parents were pissed off from me for not keeping its back up!!

shyad rule hai ki clg life mai aisa 1 baar sabke saath hota hai..!!
doncha worry...i hope daddy will suceed re !!

Pallav said...

Bad che... n sad cheee
Must buy a harddiskk...
i m jst happen everytime wid me
my sympathies r wid uu

Keep smilinggg:)
All the bestt

Garam Bheja Fry said...

Ab itna tez type karegi to panga hoingaa naa hard disk me! :P

Waise dun worry it'll be recovered soon, baapu ji jai ho!

meanwhile , sympathies! :(

Anonymous said...

hey Mads.. i can imagine how it would have felt project is going on too and if somrthing like this happens to me, the shampoo expense at my place will go down because i will pull off all my hair..:( my heart reaches out to you girl! i hope your data gets back again but dont wait for it.. work again as well coz just in case it doesnt come back - the submission date is still 16th..:( let me know i can help you with something.. take care girl..

Anonymous said...

hey Mads.. i can imagine how it would have felt project is going on too and if somrthing like this happens to me, the shampoo expense at my place will go down because i will pull off all my hair..:( my heart reaches out to you girl! i hope your data gets back again but dont wait for it.. work again as well coz just in case it doesnt come back - the submission date is still 16th..:( let me know i can help you with something.. take care girl..

Mads said...

@peter... dhuuu [-(
computers suck X-(

@siya..sniff... :(

@abhinav. i dont see porn...still this happened to me...sniff!!!
thanks for the sympathies :( :(

Mads said...

@chitwan...yeah put them asap in ur inbox :( gmail zindabad :(
parents are pissed coz they think i did something and so the hard disc crashed. dad even asked me if i dropped it down, duhhh... :((

@dream'r abbe how much can i save on gmail and all be?? X-( yes im stupid, happy che?
i love my laptop :( i dont want toshiba :(

Mads said...

@sawan...yeah..lets see.
computers suck X-(

@trinaa....good question :( mujhe bhi nahi pata :(

@vanilla sky :O wow u know so much about computers :O
claps che!!! :O :O :D
will try showing love to D and E too :P :P heehe...

Mads said...

@akansha.. :O :O arre do something before ur computer goes mad and commits suicide like mine did :O
yes yes happy wala post will come sooon ji... ;-) :D

@sarath.. slow coach hehe.. :P :P :D

@ankita.. oh thats so sad :( :(
yeah i guess it happens with everyone!! gah..
thanks for commenting ;) yeah hope data stays!! :( :(

Mads said...

@pallav..happens everytime with u :O :O :O
yeah thanks. i need all the luck :(( :((

@ garam bheja fry...haha bad joke X-( and yeah..hope data is recovered :(
thanks for sympathies :(

Mads said...

@pink sweet of u!! :) :) yeah am re-doing the project...all over again :|
touch wood, nothing like this should happen with anyone yaar...
thanks again :) :) hugs che >:D< :D \:D/

The Rat... said...

Papa ki jai ho!!!

i think i am late to the post, ithni jaldi recover bi kardi... hmmm... :-)


Urv said...


//I never saved porn videos or anything which made the hard disc so full that it burst

Dear, companies like Seagate, Intel, Microsoft, AMD and others would not have made so much money if the above was true ;)

Haan par I think ke snail pace pe batting karne wale cricketers ki pics store karne se shayad HDD slow hoke crash kar sakti hai :P (Don't get mad at me.. Just pulling your leg.. I adore that guy :) )

All the best with your project submissions :)

PS: Don't want to sound gyaan-giving-uncle types but always keep backups of important stuff. When we were doing our projects in college, we daily used to take backups in pen drives and every once in a while write to CDs/DVDs

MultiMenon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MultiMenon said...

life's like tht dearie.. That's why I use sky drive,blame the world wide web and sue MSN(hotmail??) if u lose data.. :p

Btw,who told u tht watching porn meant ur HDD shud crash??or even storing for tht matter..??U have been doin this all dis while rite?? :p must be some other reason.. :)


Take care..


Rozz said...

hope ur dad succeeds in his efforts!! :)
btw.. y does it happen ki techies ke lappies and comps dnt crash?
even though we abuse them lik anythin...:P

Som said...

Oh .. thats bad ... songs etc can be understood but Data and results from research work ... disaster !!

Don't you keep back ups ?!!!

talking about rant/cribbing post .. it has lot of energy in it .. so no probs if you come up with another one ..

Anonymous said...

Ahh... Long time and what I see here ! Damn !! Damn !! Damn !!

Trust me,I can understand how you feel right now. Have been through this couple of times.Don't worry about the data- its all recoverable at any level of wreckage.Try seeing some tech fellow and if in case,you do not find any,then try calling your laptop company's helpline.

Good to see that you are blogging well in tandom. See you around

abhishek said...

my sympathies...

moral of the story:start storing porn, it doesn't matter anyway :P

Chronicwriter said...

i was born on friday the 13th..

april 13th...

and great to know that u could run at bolt's speed..

sad to know that cricketer's pics were lost too..

dont ya worry.. google bhagwan hei naa..

jai ho babuji ki...

Dhanya said...

Hope ur HDD rests in peace! ;) Happened loads of times with me. And its always the same excuse 'Damn.. should have saved my data somewhere else!'. Looks like I have got like minded people around here... hahah

Aninya said...

gawdd...thats reeaaaaallly bad :( and sorry i dont think i can do anything to help :(...quite a 'gavaar' when it comes to computer harddisc and all that...pretty much the hopeless tech student dat i am :P
but hopefully daddy ji will restore ...have faith in HIM :P HE'll recover :P
P.S: loved that somebody missed me on blogosphere and cared enough to shake me up a bit...a post is in the coming very and good luck with your project:D

Aninya said...

haha...check out my blog :P

Anonymous said...

Come and let me give you a hug!! I know how you feel.. I had it happen to me about a month back it sucks!!!

Good news is. they were able to recover most of my things...

I know it has been a long time since I have been here... I am back now!!!

Hope everything worked out!


Amrita~Ams said...

pc suck..sumtime..
but tuje kya huya.. :|...3 frust. post in a row :( :(..bad re..

farasG said...

i do some freelance writing and photog but am unfortunately tied up in a fulltime deputy editor position :/ oh and don't worry abt the faras was pretty funny..and the reason how i stumbled upon your blog. mine's just a random collection of some of the articles btw..nothing exciting :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

mads porn tere computer me porn che ????????????? * dharti hilne ki sound*

ps - try watching a serial at 9.30 pm on star plus . sab cribbiness laughter me transform ho jaiga :) jai ho ( bapuji ki )

Mads said...

@the rat..naah data is all gone..but my laptop is a-okay now :D
hugs >:D< thanks a lot :D :D

@Urv..welcome back :D :D
grrr @ the taunt about rahul dravid :P
and lol :P yes yes i got it...i shall be a wiser girl next time se... :) :) :)

Mads said...

@multimenon..i meant im such an innocent person who doesnt hv her hard disc full of porn videos so why, why, why oh why, this punishment to my laptop... :((

anyway, laptop is cool che now, although its bye bye to the data :|

@rozz..please dont say that!! :O :O its asin..a-sin :P when a computer crashes achanak se :( :(

Mads said...

@Som.... :| :| will start keeping backups now :( im a much wiser girl now...
and i hv written 3 rant posts in a row...and this is supposedly a happy wala blog :| so my readers complain and shout at me :| :P

@Mishra..damn damn damn is right :P yeah i had a talk with proper computer guys and they have installed a new hard disc inside my laptop, and they will try retrieving the date from the old one...but mostly they wont be able to retrieve they say :(
thanks for the compliment :) :)

Mads said...

@Abhishek... lol :D :D :P yeah right ;-)

@chriz aka chronicwriter....born of friday the 13th? :O :O omg!!

and jai ho bapuji...but his efforts are going down the drain... :( :( :(

Mads said...

@ Dhanya....hehe !! lol..Be careful next time ;) :P
and this is the first time my laptop crashed :| (touch wood hopefully last time too) :|
thanks for dropping in :)

@Aninya :D :D welcome back!!!!!! :D
and lol hi5..gavaar at computers hum dono :D lol... ;)
daddy ji is trying his best but till now nothing's happening.. :( but my laptop is alive again :) so happy cheeee \:D/
and Aninya is alive again \:D/ happy che :D

Mads said...

@ NE !! :D welcome back to my blog :D
yeah it sucks...and my data is not retrieved till now :( although, my laptop is A-okay now :D which is the best part :) :)
hugs to u too >:D< :D :) :)

@Amrita~ams..last frustrated post..i promise u che.. \:D/ :D :D
pc's sucks, par kya kare...its thanks to this piece of creation that im talking to u now >:D< :D

Mads said... u didn't take offence :) :) wow u hv a terrific job :D and i love ur articles mainly because its about cricket :) :)

@i'll try to be truthful...i dont watch porn!!!!!!! :(( im saying my college people watch so much porn and their hard disc is overflowing still it doesnt crash :(( and my poor innocent laptop..*sniffs*

hey wats the name of the serial at 9 30 on star plus? i watch colors more..balika vadhu..and jeevan saathi sometimes. and there's this freaky serial called 'yeh rishta kya kehlata hai'. mom just loves it, so yeah i hv no option except seeing it :| :| which serials do u watch? :D :D :D (we shud start one of those kitty party sessions, wat say ? :P)

Cяystal said...

Lappy ne dhoka diya? Kick him and take a new one! compy be naaiiic..I <3 him! He never gives me dhoka..(see I am trying to jalao you!)
And pleeej..don't store porn!..dirty habit :-|
And chalo..thooko the gussa..eeeshmileee =D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hahahhahha was talking of that rishta kya kehlata hai thing heheh . dont mind but i hate jeevan sathi :P ;D re i don't know if porn can be watched without storing !!

ahah ya lets do kitty parties over samosas , like coffee with samosas . :S :P

vanilla sky said...

Hey,Jeevan sathi is the one where a girl marries a naukar by mistake and dies?
and watch "yeh rishtaaa " and see how frustrated a mother can be! these serials are so much fun!

Rozz said...

you say asin...... asin.... :heart:

Arnab Majumdar said...

I know how it feels when your computer gives up on you, and you've got no option but to curse it while it stares mutely at you (yes, I still consider the computer to be an It, not a He... actually, even my French teacher insists that the computer is masculine. What is with that??)

There's quite a good chance that your data is gonna be recovered... and since this is quite an old post, chances are that it already has happened! Anyways, good luck with it... belated, in case it came a bit too late :P


alex paul k said...

never knew saving porn videos wil lead 2 such a disaster....but then at some point f time every laptop has 2 crash n its advisable 2 back up important data....somebody told me gals wake up half an hour b4 guys n damn its true-they need 2 put d make up on it seems

aZoed said...

awww! i can so much relate to you there... happens with me every six months or so... (I fiddle with him [my desktop] so much you see) In fact, one of the few moments that makes me turn into a believer agaibn from the atheist that I often am... 'pls bhagwan, is baar recover kar do... main tumhara yeh upkaar kabhi nahi bhool paaoonga! :D :D

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