Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sutta na mila...Bhe..never mind...

Breaking News: Did you know that Ranbir Kapoor lost his virginity at the age of 15? Harami, sex hungry, desperate saala. I always knew I should be loyal to my Rahul Dravid. But Ranbir is so hot :( But Rahul's soo cute!! Mads confused che.

I'm done with projects and it's party time now. My laptop is healthy, and I'm not wealthy (after spending so much on repairing it) and I'm definitely much more wise now (back ups on gmail zindabad)

To whomsoever is concerned, I have lost all my data i.e. old projects(how will I fill my already poor C.V now?), my pics (my husband won't get to see the pics of the fun I had in college.Sigh.No no. Jai ho to Harini and Joyeeta (my beshtttt college fraaands che), I will flick the pics from their laptops asap), cricketers pics (yes yes, my wonderful collection, which the boys were jealous of, dammit their buri nazar worked) and songs, my poems, stories, sigh, no no I won't crib. Full stop che.

No more cribbing posts.Here's presenting a poem I wrote in my 1st semester.

The Smoking Joes of my batch inspired me to write this poem....So, it's dedicated to them...


A long, boring day at college, it was,
To smile, to rejoice, there was no cause,
The students reached the hostel by the bus,
They ran to their rooms in a rush.

A student, dumps his bag in his room,
His face, filled with gloom,
He walks out, to his neighbour's room,
His nose twitched as he smelt the fume;
His neighbour smirked and offered a cigaratte,
He took it, and said, "Thanks mate"

Soon the two neighbours were sprawled on his bed,
Discussed from hot girls to the cricket teams they led,
And they fagged and fagged,
And talked from childhood days to the day they got ragged.

Chlormint was chewed merrily, as they set off,
To buy a new packet, they walked and coughed,
A bond was created between the two,
Because of the cigaratte they blew.

Disclaimer- No offence meant to anyone associated with my college. An apology if you still hate me.

While you're commenting here (That is, if you bother commenting) check out the new post on our joint blog and let's see how you fare in the comment exam :D

P.S- Am sure the title of my post is gonna attract hell lotta new readers =)) ;-) Saale boys, I tell you... :P

P.P.S- BTW, I prefer Rahul Dravid to Ranbir Kapoor.Anyday.Any night :D :D Every nite :D


peter said...

I have read this poem :|
and i have appreciated ur creativity.
So for time being i am only intrstd in the news section ...RK ...told u ..that he did wid someone at the age of 15..and u jumped from ur balcony is it ?

and how do u knw Rahul dravid did not do it at that age :-?

anyways i think the examiner will alwys pass in the exams he conducts I am taking my pass result ..for granted :D

Abhinav said...

Y2A stands up and applauds...
Hey, no need to apologize to any smokers!!
Rahul is always better! Ranbir can act, Rahul acts as well in ads.. but Ranbir cannot stand for 5 days on a cricket ground and make loads of runs!
nice poem! u r bachpan se talented!

MultiMenon said...

ur smart and ur showing it now.. :p

Btw,u kno one more thing??Poor Ranbir..How dare u question his virginity?He's still mamma's oy u kno?And ppl like you eat sleep and drea ranbir..!! :X :p

Jai ho to the lappy.. :)

Take care n have a gorgeous weekend.. )


Ankita Agrawal said...

aree congrats re!!
lappy thik ho gaya..partyyyyyyyyyyy!!

n how did u got tat gossip abt ranbir..temme na??

Poem mast che... :-D
simple and smart!!


Akansha Agrawal said...

Mads confused... Never mind, toss a coin! ;)

But if Ranbir lost virginity at 15, then Deepika will leave him... so he could be yours... but what if she's cool with it... Oh no, I need a coin myself!!! :P

The poem's good, i'll try to keep non smokers away from your blog! ;) I hate air pollution... meri skin!!! :P

I'll go check out the blog... :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

Arrey haan congo for the lappy! N I have also learned a lesson!

ApocalypsE said...

Got me with the title... I like that song especially the guitar solo...

Men become friends when they smoke joints together... thats a universal fact...:)

Lucky saala dravid... he he...:)

Amrita~Ams said...

If their is name "Rahul Dravid" in ur post then it has to b nice one..fact che :P :D..

mast poem....
n thnk god ur blog is now back to normal..

Garam Bheja Fry said...

A lousy old hag,
looking for a fag,
Broke was he, n it was a lazy day,
So he searched for a sutta on 'ebay'

but he tripped on Mad's mess,
and now he wants to confess---

"Cool post che!! :D"

Sarath said...

U sure r fascinated with rahul dravid.. even your gmail id says that..;))

sawan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HP said...

Aaaaarrgghhh !! Ranbir? at 15?? WHO WITH???? :O
and How do you know this??

nice poem that !

hope you can collect all your data asap :)

sawan said...

madhuri, u lost ur data?? no way to recover it?? did ya check with the manufacturers?? i still think u cud get it back.. there might be bad sectors, the disk dsnt get spoiled that easily.

yeyy, good poem. memories of my college days and back and fresh!!

pseudo intellectual said...

haha. nice poetry. and at the age of fifteen? wtf!

Trinaa said...

RANBIR WHAT? hunnnh..i want proof! ;P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

and i prefer neither :P .
i read about the 'ranbir lost virginity at 15' but wasnt a surprise bcoz some years back had read a milind soman interview where he said " yaa i was a bit late in losing it , was shy , others lose it by 15" so shock to pehle se hi laga tha .

arre wah kya poems , both by u and peter ( though his is a rap :) )
MADDsY vadde ache tarikke se define kiya hai sutte ki feeling ? :P hohohohho

Chronicwriter said...

this kinda poetic crilliance can come from only a chain smoker...

good one indeed.

hope you dun get any rahul dravid fotos... heard that he is chucked out of captaincy role cause of KP.
ALSO HE IS expecting a kid madzz..

what were you doing all this while? he dint tell you anything?

rahul said...

nice poem..looks like you have been through an enginnering colg :)

Mads said...

@Peter....grrrrrrrrrrrrr X-( Rahul did NOT do at at 15 :(( Ranbir himself admitted it...shoo away :((

@Abhinav..thanku :D :D i have to apologize if i want to survive in my college :D
ya Rahul rocks :D

Mads said...

@multimenon...ranbir himself admitted search for 'ranbir kapoor's virginity' and u'll get the proof X-(

yeah jai ho lappy and thanks for liking the poem :D

@anki... hehe party yeah sure :P and google search for 'ranbir's virginity' then u'll get the proof :|
thanks for liking the poem :D :D

Mads said...

@akansha..thanks :D for liking poem n for the good wishes for my laptop :P
yeah non smoker hi5 to u..'meri skin!!' from my side too :P :D
and deepika is cool with it :| kamini... anyway i dont want leftovers :( so i officially dump ranbir now (yeah right!!) :P

kapman said...

i read this in MY first semester.
The first time we exchanged poems
feels sooooooo long ago !!
i think ranbir lied !! or maybe he was raped ?? he looks like a female from some angles !!!

Mads said...

@ got u :D hehe
ya i was very thrilled by seeing the way guys bond over a cigarette so wrote a poem on it :D

yeah thanks for liking the poem :D
lucky saala dravid :( expecting another child now...

Mads said...

@Amrita~ams... hehe.. :D yeah rahul rocks :D >:D<

blog back to normal che :D thanks for liking the poem :) :)

@garam bheja :D that was too good :D
thanks a lot :) :)

Aditya said...

the poem was really nice.i too have written some in my blog. -movie reviews

Urv said...

Rahul Dravid rocks!

Ranbir is not hot! He is pretty :P

@tinni: only the blog author can hurl abuses for the above statement :P

Siya said...

Yeah!! I read about tht too..the Ranbir kapoor thing..and I was like.."saala despo" (:P) too..then I went to my so-called study table..looked at his photo in my picture collage..and thought "I forgive you" :"(

Muhahaha :D

No, seriously, I love him! I do. :)

Cool poem!!

Trinaa said...

@urv..chup bey!! chamaat padegi tab samajh aayega!

Pallav said...

good to know atleast ur lappy is fine nw..
good one...

Dhanya said...

Thanks for the LOLs Mads.. Aap to bahut funny che! ;) Love LOVE reading ur blog..

Ranbir is a player... good thing u chose Rahul Dravid instead!

Arnab Majumdar said...

First up, Lovely Poem! :D That one reminded me of a lot of things actually... and even though I've given it up now, I still do have some "fond" memories :P

And yes, the title did attract me to the blog, and I'm not ashamed to admit it... well, not all that much at least!


Dream'R said...

aah...i thought u gave up blogging altogether..a week of u not blogging is kinda crazy!! Ranbir and his virginity r old news yaar...

the poems nice..but since i dont smoke, cant say i identify with it ;-) ur rant phase over??!! geez..i was beginning to enjoy it..;-)

Anurag said...

Lol...Creative poem must say...Nice to see you go with the flow of events in those lines with the inclusion of chlorimint and all :P

First 1-2 Paragraph "madilacious" che ...Saroo Che pan....Me likes :P :D

Mads said...

@ Sarath..what can i say? i love rahul dravid... :D

@ HP...hehe yaar google search for 'ranbir's virginity' and u'll find it out.... :((
and thanks for liking the poem :) :) and its bye bye to the data most probably... :(

Mads said...

@ sawan...thanks for liking the poem :) and most probably the guys cant recover my data... :(

@ pseudo intellectual... hehe thanks :) :) arre i was 16, not 15 then :P lol ;) :D

Aditi..............:) said...

You are terrific..what creativity yaar!!!
Btw Farhan ko kab ditch kiya!!! :P
keep it going smarty are a damn good entertain !!!!
I love you for this! :)

Chitwan said...

mazze!!...wot a post..Ya thoo at nvr mind as I said before, if you expect a husband like him, then don't expect him to be saint before he meets you :D
& poem rocks che :D

neeraj_only said...

hehe.."sutta na mila"....i know many gals who love this song ("sutta na mila song ").This has become an anthem for all the "sutta" lovers and sutta haters equally...

btw.....ur take on sutta is appreciable...cute poem i must say.

i would like to point out these lines....
#"To buy a new packet, they walked and coughed,
A bond was created between the two"

each day we see alot of such scenes in our hostel (me 4th year engg stud...end soon ).alot of sutta friend room was "maachis-getting-centre" i have stopped keeping "maachis" :)

Anonymous said...

i am late i am late.. :D

the post was smoking hot.. and you will get all your pics...stories can be written again.. its ok to crib once in a while.. :D

super duper poem che.. :D

Anonymous said...

you have been awarded..
visit my blog..

Mads said... search for 'ranbir's virginity' re :P u'll get the proof...just promise me u wont commit suicide ;-D

@i'll try to be truthful... :O u dont even like rahul dravid :O ur a practical girl and head strong girl i know, but :| rahul dravid :| gentleman che X-( u'd better like him....

when did milind soman lose his virgnity btw? :-ss

thanks for liking my crap and peter's rap :P :D
and for the record, i dont smoke :| :P ;)

Mads said...

@chronic writer :| :| :| im not even a chain smoker..i just observed my batch ke heroes and wrote that poem...hmmph!!

and yes Dravid isn't captain and he's expecting a kid
BUT I STILL LOVE RAHUL DRAVID..... :D studying in a law college :P future lawyers of India smoke too... although not in public places anymore ;-D
thanks for liking the poem :)

Mads said...

@Kapman...yeah i showed u..but i edited it...a lot..when i put it over here :D
ranbir is a male :D and among the top 10 sexiest asian men btw :D

@aditya..thanks for liking the poem :D :)

Mads said...

@ :P Trinaa already butted in... :D
Ranbir has been voted amongst the top 10 sexiest asian men, btw :P
what do u hv to say for that? ;-D u hv a photo collage with his pic? :D
lol yeah saala despo is too hot :P ;-D
thanks for liking the poem :D

Mads said...

@Trinaa...go girl!! :P

@Pallav..thanks for liking it :) :)

@Dhanya..thanks thanks thanks for the compliments hehe :D yeah ranbir is a player X-( Rahul Dravid rocks che big time :D \:D/

Mads said...

@Arnab...hehe..thanks for liking the poem :P yes yes it is meant to refresh all u sutta lovers (or ex lovers, if u hv ditched sutta :P)

the title was meaningfully put that way :P
*gloats* :D :P

@ Dream'R...i dont update my blog every week....only when i had to rant i used to update, but i hv learnt my lesson, never ever to crib on my blog henceforth...

hehe great :P hi5 to non smokers :D

Mads said...

@Anurag..hehe..thanks :D yeah chlormint is a very important part in the process... :D
and 'madalicious' is an awesome word :D ur copyright che :D :D so many compliments at once :D i love u too \:D/ :D hehehe :D thanks a lot for the flourish of compliments
and farhan is still mine :D

Mads said...

@chitwan...thooo ranbir :P thanks for liking the poem..
ya my husband can kiss all the girls he wants to before he gets married to me, but i want his virginity intact re :O X-(

@neeraj_only...yeah that song is still such a rage!!

and thanks for liking the poem :P :D
u used to supply all the maachis...ur responsible for screwing so many lungs...hmmph!!
but its okay as long as u dont fag and u dont abet in their crime now :D

Mads said...

@ the pink orchid.... the poem was smoking hot-->> I LOVE THIS LINE :D =)) ur so smart :D
and yeah...its gonna be tuff getting everything back on my laptop :'(
and thankuuuuuu for the award... :D \:D/ im a 'honest lawyer'...can u beat that? :P

neeraj_only said...

@ mads : lawyers (even budding :D ) can make something out of nothing.hehe...

naah, i was not "maachis supplier" :)
actually my maachis meant for "emergency -candles" was used as sutta maachis.

can't the way no maachis these days with me (liking-darkness) your case against me is baseless..haha


Harshita said...

Pagli Mads

tu naa ek number ki drama company hain...heheh :D

poem mast chey!!

Ranbir ko jaaney dey...saala aajkal ke ladkey... ;) Dravid hee hain right choice baby!!

Teri Hard Drive gayi...dukh hain mujhye...meri ka toh ab tak data ki nahi recover hua.. :( sad sad

Anonymous said...

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Mads said... u know how to defend urself pretty well :P and i hv the evidence of ur previous abetment acts :D so the case still stands :D :D \:D/

@harshita... yeah rahul dravid zindabad :D :D
thanks for liking the poem >:D< :D
and dhatt hard disc drive :(( it really hurts.... :-<

@anonymous. thanks. i'll treat u if i get the money ever...for sure... :|

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

arre who said i dont like rahul d. ?? once upon a time he used to be my favourite cricketer , and that was the time when i used to religiously follow cricket :)

i said i dont prefer either of them ( for me i.e) !!!!
kya mads sab kuch ulta pulta samjhti hai !!

alex paul k said...

ranbir lost his virginity at 15??? come jaipur times missed d news???...neways der r smarter dudes out der in england,a 13 yr old father....pple always giv me nothin but inferiority complex

nice poem,very much true....its globally accepted dat sutta wins u den whthr somebody who encourages u 2 shorten yo life span is a frnd or not is somethin which shud b debated

Mads said...

@ i'll try to be truthful.. u dont prefer either of them means u dont like dravid only naa :O :O >:P

but when u specify, for u, that is, then i guess its okay
but why not for u :O
dravid is perfect for any girl

if she is straight :P :D ;)
be truthful and answer me :-w

Mads said...

@ alex paul... lol @ inferior complex =))
and yeah...good point there...but boys think that much? :P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

because he is married !!!!!! and old !! i mean must be 40 !!!!! (for crying out loud)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

you really are mad , actually its- MERI MARZI :D

aZoed said...

I'm not reading your blog for the first time.. and the post title certainly didn't interest me...(Hmmm! OK that's why I actually read it with double the excitement) ;)...

I'm standing and applauding your creativity! here...

vanilla sky said...

Read your post long ago, and that very hour my net malfunctioned and hence couldn't comment :(
Nice poetry :)
And don't worry about Rk much !

Time for next post , hurry up!

Chriz said...

ranbir lost it to a man...

and dravid was hit on his groin more than once by deadly fast balls...

Little Girl Lost said...

ranbir did it at 15? do guys even have balls at 15?
and i don't think u should worry about Rahul D. .. i don't think he did it even to himself till his suhaag raat....
had read a couple of your posts in the group blog... now reading more of you here... i said it once and i am saying it again... you write crazily, whakily, gangrenously, and addictively.
thanks for dropping by. if you liked my blog pls do become a follower, so that you can read whenever i write next :). having readers like you, who are great at writing themselves, really makes blogging worthwhile... and i'll definately be following both your blogs :)
waiting for your next post. stay in touch :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ab gussa mat hona . HAPPY FOOL'S DAY :P :)

Sam said...

nice poem!!
btw, the bond formed over a smoke is shared for years :)
a smoke lead to many things :P
dats why they say.. Holy Smoke!!!

Aanya said...

loll lovely post... ranbir lost it?? :OOO no probs he's too hot yaar ;)

Kaka said...

nice poem....we always learn from our mistakes right...backup always