Friday, August 19, 2011

Flying on a high!


So, I'm working as a volunteer at this NGO in Ahmedabad. The NGO mainly concentrates on the development of municipality school children. I won't elaborate more on what my NGO does or what my role is, over there, but I just want to vent out over here. Some of my closest friends thought I was a loser because I opted to volunteer for *FREE* for an NGO. I mean, the whole point of a non-government organization, is that you won't get paid, right? On the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-2 released, my NGO organized this huge concert to raise funds for notebooks for the children. If you guys must know, I'm a HUGE Potter fan. I had to chuck watching the movie on the first day (the movie was shit anyway) due to my prior commitment towards my NGO. I felt very bad when one of my closest friend told me that I don't even get paid at the NGO, so why am I even bothering. But mom told me later on that she is very proud of me for sticking to my decision and not running off for the movie. Some other friends have appreciated my guts for working with an NGO. Thanks for the support, people. At such times, you actually find out who are your real friends and who aren't. And you figure out what is actually important to you in life.


I can't stop talking about my NGO. The kids there are so awesome. Some kids wanted to be a lawyer but they were afraid of wearing that white wig. Lol. I told them that there is no need of wearing that white wig- FYI, even judges needn't wear that! They literally die for company. They pounce on us volunteers when we come and blabber on and on and on !! A kid told me about his crush and how he doesn't believe in love anymore after his crush started 'playing' with some other boy :P

In other news, here's a Mom joke- Mom was scribbling invitation cards for her wedding reception in Chennai. She had the habit of writing 'fly' in short for 'family'. So, in Bombay, there was this Gujarati family called 'Macchar'. So, my innocent mom writes 'Macchar and fly' on the invitation card. Our darling Macchar doesn't come for the reception all the way to Chennai because he used to work in Bombay with mom. Later on, mom found out that he felt really bad because she wrote 'Macchar and fly' on the card :P :P


Abhinav said...

Machhar and Fly? haahaha.

Madhuri Iyer, I am proud you. Even if you hate Hit Wicked and Abhinav Bhatt, Y2A is proud of you.

Seriously, however big society changes we claim, who has guts to actually jump into the system and help to improve it?

I don't know the words to praise you. And you know, you will get good rewards for this job, even if you are not expecting any thing in return for this NGO, but you will get it soon.

Keep it up!

Dhanya said...

You're doing such an awesome thing, Madsa. Don't ever let anyone judge the good things you do! Everyone just keeps telling 'money is not everything to me' but you are the one who has proved it. So if they blabber about this, just tell 'em to mind their own bloody business. You'll get all the good stuff (karma I tell you) and they won't! :) :)

Nikhil Menon said...

Instead of calling them your closest friends, you should have called them as your closet friends. I am sure not just your mom,ur dad, ur sis, me, dhannoo, EVERYONE is proud of you and the decision to work for an NGO which is close to your heart.

Besides people could do a lot of favour to this world if they stopped being judgmental and grade everyone by the merit of work they do rather than on their inability to watch harry potter first day first show.

And heyy.. remember that lawyer friend of mine I told u working in CPA global?? she cribs day in and day out. maybe she is earning more than what you get, but she is a slave. In your case, you are a model to a lot of your juniors in law school who can prolly think beyond the confines of their space.

BTW,I am back to blogging full time. :)

Nidz said...

Good Mads, Keep it up. Money s not evrything. Lil care of such people is more than wht money can give.

Aastha said...

Dekha main na kehti thi tu badhi banegi :))

Machar and Fly :D :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

err.. the above comment is by me - Amrita :))

What's In a Name? said...

Good stuff Maddy. Atleast you give me some reason to be proud of you : FINALLY. Thank you for not following the rat race. Join the cats, who do what they believe in and love :P

Best of luck !

Simba said...

I loved your daily NGO updates!! :D
Social work should never be done with "whats in it for me" motive :). I am sure the smiles of those children more than made up for the want of compensation :D

Simba said...

I loved your daily NGO updates!! :D
Social work should never be done with "whats in it for me" motive :). I am sure the smiles of those children more than made up for the want of compensation :D

Live2cherish said...

Cool! Volunteering is fun and helpful for your growth as a person too, stick to it.

People who matter don't discourage and people who discourage don't matter :)

Macchar and Fly- ROFL

Good to see you back after a long time.

KapMan said...

NGO sounds like good work . Its been ages, we should meet up ! Perhaps i'll come with you to one of these schools.

vanilla sky said...

Thats great :))