Sunday, October 9, 2011


Alright... so I have that sad thing called a writer's block now... I read my previous blogposts, hoping to get the blogging mood but unfortunately I don't think it's working..So I am just going to yap for some minutes and then post it so that I don't feel guilty for not blogging anymore :P

I loved Mausam. Yes, you read that right. Yes, the last 15 mins were unnecessary but on the whole, it was very sweet and cute. I believe in the concept of soul mates. There is one special person made for each and every person on this earth. There was this Facebook page which was on the lines of- "The person who you are going to get married to someday is somewhere on this earth right now" Ok, that might sound gay and cheesy in the first read but oh c'mon! Isn't this the cutest? :D

I have had dozens of conversations with my friends, mom, aunt about my dream guy. Now that I am 22, I am even more open about the whole relationship concept with my parents who wisely advised me to find my own guy rather than putting them through the whole ordeal :P

My experience with my crushes or infatuation with some guys has been extremely SLOW with each one. If I like a guy, I need at least 1 year to be sure if I really like him. And especially if he reciprocates back, I need 2 years! Call it commitment phobia, but I am not someone who can easily fall in love. Yes, I have had dozens of celebrity crushes, but in real life, I just had one crush before college, and during college, I had one. Most of the time, the height factor didn't work out (I am 5.8"5. I seriously don't know if this awesome height was a blessing or a curse since I hardly find any guys who are even 6 feet tall!) Mom tells me I'm a snob because I am very choosy about my friends and my special man. Hell yes, I never believed in compromises.

My friend is dating a guy who is 1 inch shorter than her. Now, she is a very close friend of mine, so I actually considered not keeping the height factor important now. Another friend of mine is engaged to a guy (arranged marriage) but she wasn't very happy with his looks. We all say that personality is the most important thing, but we all know somewhere inside, everyone of us wants a good looking girl/boy. Maybe for the genes to pass on to the kids or just to flaunt him/her around or maybe for the simple reason of looking good together. But both these friends are now very happy with their respective guys, touch wood. They had to make some compromises and they will have to make some in the future.... Which again makes me introspect on whether I will be able to relax on my ground rules of my special guy?

To conclude this aimless post, I'm 22, single and on the look out. Here's to some new experiences! :D

My recentest celebrity crush- Bradley Cooper. OMG. Maal or what.
There's a Facebook page,I Wish Phil From The Hangover Was MY Teacher At School.. I'd Go Every Day.


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Ok I would require so much guts to actually admit, that yes I am very much single and would be very happy to mingle.
Yay! Mads for writing this post :D

Arre you know what they say, don't give up your expectations and I guess they are right about it.

p.s : I thought this would be an actual hungover post :P ;)
oh and i watched p.s i love you again today :)

Mads said...

Truthful- U know what, I was so sure u would be the first one to comment on my post :D How do you manage to read blogs so sincerely still? :O

Haha I wish this was a hungover post :( At least I'd have something concrete to blog about :P
Oh ya p.s. i love you was going on kal, i saw it thoda :)
gerald butler <3

Dhanya said...

Yeah, you should get married only when you find your soul mate. Don't depend on your parents n all to search for him! I'm sure you will find him soon :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) I like reading blogs much more than writing them :)

yaar bf or not its always important to be a good person, and you've already reached there ...

p.s : I'v always had a secret crush on the second guy in P.s I love you.. not the friend.. but THE GUY the one who also sings :D

Live2cherish said...

longgggggggg time.
I like long list pic too :)

What's In a Name? said...

Bradley Cooper. That was the highlight of the post :D <3 him !

Angie said...

Gud tht u take ur time and dnt rush into relationships. Its better to wait than hurriedly make a wrong decision!!!!

PS: I also liked mausam !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Madhuri! I am kannan. In my opinion, 22 is not the age to get married. I know every one gets that magical feeling in heart when thinking of that future special someone. But career matters more than marriage because financial independence empowers you to make crucial decisions in life. Visualize huge realities unfolding as in a big screen, that would help dissolve those feelings for the time being.

Life is all about small adjustments and compromises. If you can wait till you become a giant like that tiny sapling which grew up to be a mighty oak tree, so shall be your dream guy!

It may not be an ordeal for your parents but a labor of love that they might be willing to undertake. Because, viewed from another perspective there is a whole science behind the life-long connection of marriage. They know it well, but for the laws of karma to work you have to request them to make it happen in your life :)

Sorry, if i have spoken too much in my first comment. Take care :)