Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That Environ-MENTAL law paper !!

No, no, I didn’t pass away after falling down from an escalator or something. It’s been long since I posted, but here I am….

4 exams down, and 2 more to go. Screwed up 2 exams, and 2 were decent, in case you care. Had Environmental Law exam today. It’s been 7 semesters since me and Harini are giving exams and it’s always been the same story. In 3rd semester, before a criminal law paper, from 11 pm to 7 am we chatted about Shahid-Kareena’s breakup. In 4th semester, we had an exclusive men bashing session, with an email forward I received called '99 things you need to know about men’ for reference.

But we outdid ourselves today. Who discusses about ants 15 minutes before the exam? A 60 marks paper, with at least a dozen Acts to remember, a zillion cases to remember. And we are laughing before the paper when the guys who are always out of the class and the chilled out ones were studying seriously as if its doomsday.

Segment 1:
So we were studying in Harini’s room and I casually flicked an ant off the wall. This is when it all started. Harini looks at the ant with pity and says, “What a life it has. No exams. No boy to irritate her. No tension at all”. (Yup, we assumed it’s a female because it’s a girls hostel I guess)
Me: “But poor thing, she climbed all the way up the wall and I just flicked her off. How many times does she climb up like this on her thin legs?”
Thus, we discussed the pros and cons of being an ant.

Segment 2:

Harini: “The course is never ending!! You know Ravana?”
Me: giving wtf look to her.
Harini: “Oh of course, you know Ravana.
Me: wtf look continues.
Harini: So when Ram killed Ravana, they went back to Ayodhya naa?
Me: wtf look continues since I’m clueless as to where this is heading to. From Wildlife Protection Act to Ravana?
Harini: So they went on this vahana where one seat would increase despite the number of people who climbed on the vahana.
Me: Uhuh…
Harini: (beaming with joy) So our course is like the vahana !! Keeps increasing like that one seat !!
Me: rofl for the next 20 minutes.

Segment 3:

Scene: Outside our respective classrooms, 15 minutes before the exam. Harini had her bunch of 4 months worth of xeroxed notes in her arms and I was trying to balance my bunch of notes.
Harini suddenly looks on the wall and puts her fingers and imitates an ant walking on that wall. We discussed during those 15 minutes whatever we had discussed the night before and shamelessly laughed at the fact that we were discussing the stupid discussion again.

We came out of the exam, beaming, not because the exam was over.
Harini: So, how was it?
Me: Ahh….
Harini: Yeah, same. Anyway, I have thought of the perfect dress I’m going to buy for my sister’s wedding.
(Notice the conversation regarding the exam doesn’t last for more than 10 seconds)
Me: When is it? It’s not until next year end, right?
Harini: Yeah…
Me: Let’s shop for bags when we intern this time, ok?
And we don't bother discussing the paper or thinking bout the next paper at all.

Is it the drastic effect of 7 semesters and 40 end semester examinations that we have undergone which has made us like this?

P.s- Would you believe me if I said that the paper actually was decent for both of us?


Aw.S.M said...

And you are online today writing a post when u have an exam day after...u never cease to amaze me madhuri iyer !!... and u have the perfect partner in crime too :P...aah boston legal's fav fan harini sure seems like an extension of your own self...but yaar as the saying goes..."gossip is at its best when on an exam eve"..

But ants and ravana !! :| ...for that u surely take the cake ....heres to more interesting discussions in the future...


Dhanya said...

Harini is funny :D Tell her that!

I am very proud of you both. Keep having conversations like this before exams, and you'll top the class in no time. Jokes apart, studying law can be boring (even listening to it is boring), so I can imagine how studying must be.. so Kitkat break banta hai! :D

Kaka said...

lol....btw i always my class girls topped because there were no guys to disturb one would dare to...few know the answer why!!!!!:P...the vahana thing was kalai...:D...m sick of giving exams at the end of every time the night before exam we were yet to start studying we ended up watching up youtube vidoes of balakrishna's vidoes (dont ask who he is) and had a hearty laugh only to realise some hours later that we had an exam for us the next day...:-)

P.S:nice playlist...for some time i couldnt make out where the music was coming from..i couldnt see any player on my desktop...:P

Shaunak said...

Harini's gone mad. Well both of you are mad. Your blog's aptly named.
We NEVER discuss ants before papers. Flies on the other hand make for interesting subjects :D
They're always deviously scheming something or the other, rubbing their hands slyly all the time.

Papers always go best when you discuss nonsense before it.

IcE MaiDeN said...

omg we have discussed crazier stuff I assure you ants are pretty decent things to talk about.. I rem once in 1st year, whn we saw a dog lazying around, we wondered the exact same thing - how awesome is this life... sit and snooze ALL day.. no stupid exams to give.. no guys who eat their brains... :P it was awesome!!!

n yeah papers go best when you discuss nonsense before the paper. lolz :P

P.S: Does harini change her status's as frequently as you do on gtalk? if yes then agree with (not so)AwSM, you have the perfect partner in crime :P :D

Pallav said...

Hey u got a cool pal....
n nobody bothers about paper, once it is over...
what bothers us is the Result....

nice one.. :)


ScarletTd1ar1es said...

lolz. ants over law.

What a life it has. No exams. No boy to irritate her.
and this dialogue, why do you think that all females are alike?

do u remember that the queen ant has 2 give a 1000 eggs. :P

Umesh Agarwal said...

The Ravana segment was really funny..overall amazing post considering you're in the middle of your exams!!...all d best for the rest of ur exams!

Chitwan said...

ravana vahana...LMAO!!!!!

seriously what exams cn do to a person shud nt be laughed upon.its a serious issue...KAPIL SIBBAL SHOULD DO SOMETHING :P

wonderful post aahe

ashwin ramachandran said...

greaaaaattt post :):)

Ekam said...

Hehe.. the conversation regarding exams never last for more than 10 sec. Hehe. True. Very true.
You two are like partners in crime Do you really talk about all this before your exam? :D

Abhinav said...

Firstly I am proud of you.
Secondly don't you think Harini should have a blog of her own?
Thirdly its so nice to see you back! kitna time hogaya! Nahi?

MultiMenon said...

7 semesters and 40 exams!!! very much the same here..And I guess,this kinda cool-ness builds over it.. :P The me in school could have never done this..But a truck load of F's plus the fucked up life have made me too like you.. :D

Ur friend seems to be very funny.. :)

All the best for the last two..

Hi5.. :)


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

heheheh hota hai hota hai . pata hai ants ARE more interesting than the exam paper .

hehe ek din wo '99 things you need to know about men' wala mail publish karna :P.

tu kaisi che re? exams khatam?? masti kar.
maybe i wont be able to see ajab prem ki... ( ye duniya !!!)

Neethu said...

yea...been there..done that...esp after joining colg;)

peter said...

Tht's normal, we played counter strike, narrated ghost stories , wrote blog posts, went to highway for having biryani, gossiped whole night sitting in the canteen and yeah most normal of all slept whole night the day before the xam, got up and gave the xam without even knowing the syllabus.

amrit said...

ROTFL over "Who discusses about ants 15 minutes before the exam"?

Apparently Intellectual said...

i LOVE your playlist! *ye kya hua pehle na aisa hota tha..main hun kahan..*
And lol@the ants life discussion :D:D:D
yeah we discuss random stuff too all the time..exams se pehle ..baad main beech main har time..guess what i started writing sth in ur comment but then it got so long that ab main use apne blog pe post kar rahi hun:P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

why do people think of RK as gay ??? :( :( it's such a sad thought. there's no positivity around anymore *sigh*

Sameera said...

OMG! You are a law student....!!!!!

I understand your pain..! We have one Business Law Class and we we make all sorts of noises before that exam.. ya.. classes are worse.. I can't imagine how you sit through these classes... where one Act after the other is hammered on to you head.. no logic.. no questions just transfer of facts..! Ugh!


Anonymous said...

of course i'd believe you! itne gehre soch vichaar waali ladki ke exam achche hi jaayenge na!!! ;) :P

The unsure ascetic said...

This is familiar territory, I have also given numerous papers like this not bothering a bit about their consequence. and yeah the more senior you become the more carefree you become in college..well done.

smitzy said...

This SO reminds me of the numerous nights before end semester exams which have been whiled and wasted on discussions not remotely related to the course. Somehow, the results aren't too damning either to keep such conversations afloat in the near future too :)

hilarious post!

Harshita said...


*banging her head on her desk* Tera kuch nahi ho sakta...


hehehe... rabb ne bhi try karna chor diya hoga naa ab tak..

U and Harini rock!!

vanilla sky said...

That is what the whole exam package is all about!
We too discuss movie plans, serials, bitch about others on the way to exam itself!

Shruti said...

1st things 1st- we are all born geniuses, future desh ke builders.. coz ultimately all those zillion exams every now n then seems 2 have wreaked a havoc in our systems to
the extent that we r now immune to exams ka fever n stuff!!

the bloody trimester system in my college leaves little time for me 2 breathe.. every day there is some damn exam, mid terms 1 mnth, end terms d 2nd mnth.. N dnt even ask me d kind of weird stuff i do during those days.. most of the times i m wide awake doing an all nighter n not even havin touched a single thing n happily go n give d exams after having my fill of crazy activities!

Amrita~Ams said...

harini is also cute like u...
ant in girls...hostel..has to the male one..(any explanation needed :P)...

missing u re...long tym no hot guys...G1 barbad..

best luck..for ur result..hope all these stuff wont reflect in ur result :P

Suree said...

i think the ant is male ... because it is girls hostel.. you can find female ants in boys hostel :P...

i just went back to my college days while reading this... we too discuss stupid things before the exams...

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahaha*cough cough cough*hahahahahahahahahahaha..

You are truly awesome babes!

sulo badri said...

u r damn funny - so is ur fren - rofl!