Sunday, September 20, 2009

About Embarassing and Self Suiciding.

The best part about any college life has to be the friends that one makes during college. Bunking classes and catching a movie, trying to catch the attention of the opposite sex (and lately, same sex too :O), playing tic tac toe in class, suddenly getting the urge to count the number of stars with your friend before an all important exam...The list is endless :D

There is this one friend who everyone must be having in his/her life. Also known as the embarassing friend. No no, not that you are embarassed to be his/her friend. Just that he/she ends up embarassing you...always!

I have one such friend and this post is dedicated to her.

1) Me (in a whisper): "Pssst. Don't take names. But the guy, I was telling you about. The one who looks like a girl. Yeah, the so called boy called Rajesh. He's right behind you.Turn subtlely and look at him, ok!!"

Embarasser(hysterical with happiness of finally getting to see him, like he is a Tom Cruise or something!!): "What?? Rajesh is behind? But where? Oh, behind me? But where is Rajesh?"

Rajesh has been giving both of us stony looks for the rest of our college lives since that (un)fateful day.

2) Embarasser (in full of her bitchy josh): Haha you know what? Sandeep and Sheena were totally making out in the classroom. I just saw them. Can you imagine, what Sheena's ex would go through if he had seen that?" (laughing like there is no tomorrow)

Me: (trying to tell her Mr.Ex is right behind us)

Embarasser: Hai? What? Arre laugh naa! I hope he goes there now. (sniggering)

Mr. Ex passes by and clears his throat to make his presence felt and embarasser's laugh dies in her mouth.

In one class, our sir asked us a basic question, who's answer we HAD to know, but surprisingly all of us were stoned that day and no one bothered to give an answer. Sir got pissed and went like, "How can you people not know this? I should commit self- suicide!!" LOL. I like sirs who make such sad jokes and entertain the class!

This semester has been very hectic since the examination system has been changed totally. So I'll be posting less and will read you guys when I have time.

Btw, I've been interviewed by Pakistani Spectator. If you value your life, read it and comment!!!

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bondgal_rulz said...

LOL!!! Mast post!!

*Gestures you to come near* Ufff!! Don't worry! I'm still straight. :P

*Whispers a secret in your ear - "Guess what? I AM that embarrasser."* :D :D


Dhanya said...

LOL @ self suicide :D Teachers can be so entertaining sometimes ;)

I love that embarrasser... whoever she is... sounds like fun :D

peter said...

ohh yeah i have couple of such frnds.

ME: sala look Professr's zip is wide open even girls are noticing it.

Friend : starts laughing ..ROFL =))

Professor: why are u laughing ?

Friends : actually sir he said ur zip is wide open ...and it is :|

..and self sucide wala joke also once one of my senior said ...I just told him about someone and said ...
"usney sucide kar liya"

and he was like " khud se?"

MultiMenon said...

thats how I saw ur self suicide quote on facebook.. :D inspired I guess.. :D

Take care.. :)


Apparently Intellectual said...

mast friend che!! in real life i m somewhat like ur frnd:P
i usually crack jokes n keep laughing out loud without realising that th person being talked abt is standing ryt behind me!:P
p.s.- i dont hv my pswrd tonite!

Akansha Agrawal said...

:"> That is embarrassing... :-s Hasn't really happened to me... but sometimes, when I am staring at nothing, people think I am staring at them, and then I get told that I embarrass them :|

I hate getting embarrassed vaise... :-ss

Vinz said...



Sweet Addiction said...

i knw madsi is very busy.. thks god fun part of college is nt over.. at times these pjs By college frens of teachers works like Chai in lazy class..
i remember My Joe Mam .. her expression were so dramatic that we all wud laways be peped up in class.
and some ppl end up embaraasaign u i agree. like osme gals tehy cant be soft while speaking.. uhhh.. if u have to talk abt somethign pricate tht person reacts loudly.. then gaya bhes pani main..

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i value my life very much isliye pehle hi par liya :)

as for the post it was funny and cute.

I'm a big time embarraser :P . yup not only do i point at people but also shout " susu ho gaayaa?" in the loo. poor vanilla sky bears the brunt :P

sometime back i had asked a guy "arre yaar maa ki.... ka matlab kya hota hai" ( i seriously didnt know the meaning and had thought ki its some kinda famous slang) and jab wo sharm se pani pani ho gaya and declined , i implored him " arre koi clue to de"

:P :P ( yup that was my sach ka samna ) hhehheee

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

and all the best with the new grading system and self-suicide wale teachers :P :)

Anonymous said...

hehehhe cool embarrassing situations :)

The abstract scientist said...

Very good observations. I have a friend who has caught me in atleast three very embarassing questions. Such friends can be called your 'true value' frineds, for they know your worst moments. I once tried cracking a sad joke with a gal who i fancied and she snubbed me and walked away. I belived no one saw it, but my friend was sitting right behind me and eventually rolled on the floor laughing. such is life!

VISHNU said...

we tend to miss pple who embarass us or make fun of us all the time after college gets over.. nice post btw..

Harini said...

hehe.. funny che!!
i remember this one more incident: u & tht embarasser were in da mess at 10:30 having milk and cribbing about da first lecture coz the lecturer has been teaching da same case law from da past 5 days. and both of u were in tht usual sleepy mood..
and then suddenly she sees ur crush in da mess standing next to u and serving himself breakfast. she gets all excited and gets prepared to tease u wid him after he passes by.
immediately after he leaves, she starts teasing u wid him loudly and then she turns bak to put her plate down only to realise tht he is sitting rite over there on da first table and having breakfast.

hmm... bad timing..

it looks like tht embarasser never learns her lesson..

IcE MaiDeN said...

N so her highness is finally here!!! :P :D

hehehhehehe!!! nice post... I have this professor who has the CRAZIEST things to say... Some of the (snigger) 'Golden' words are...

"Open the doors of the windows and let the atmosphere come in" :O :|

"Dont do such culprit things!"
*Howling laughter*
"what this? you laugh on senior prof like me? I have taught so many years!"
*frnd whispers, "how old r u dude? "* :P :D :D

"Once the gones the gones" *no kiddin. someone actually says that!! :P :D*

(I think I shud dedicate a blog post to this :P)

Nice place mads! :)

Annie.. :)

Abhinav said...

These 'embaasadors' sometimes push you into trouble as well..! Look out for them.. hehe.. How is your prof now.. I hope he is okay!

HP said...

Self suicide !!! hahahaha !!

Lavanya said...

lolzz...nice post...liked d smiley a lot !!!

ya, we both have been embarrassers at some point in life..u feel dumb at that then that's how u have funny memories later on n secrets too hehehe

errr...self comments...except i wish i ws in gnlu..u hv so much entertainment yaar...

Aditi..............:) said...

Funny and a very true post!! It happens so many times with all of have managed to extract the fun and and you have penned it well....keep writing whenever you get time.
All te best for the college work and exams! :)

Pesto Sauce said...
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Pesto Sauce said...

These friends make college memorable

I too had my share...really bindaas days

abhishek said...

ah well, everbody has such share of friends...we have one...we call him dukhiya...hehe

ankita a.k.a. enchantinganki said...

hehe..such things are happens in college life..!!
self-suicide,naya word...baccho note kar lo fatafat...

Amrita~Ams said...


dhinchak post :D
self suicide rofl:P frnds have such embs. frnd...they call her amrita :|...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha :D

I'm an embarrasor too. A LOUD one. :|

Chitwan said...

I know which friend you're talking about..!! :D
yes it happened with me as well...
and more or less same situation..talking ill about someone and tht person is right behind.Although stony looks din't follow but we were pretty loud and we thanked her for not acknowledging the disgust. :P

Harshita said...


Mere paas bhi aisi hi ek "embarasser" dost hain... :D :D By gawd!! yeh loghotey badey mazedaar hain....

Self-Suicide... :O

sawan said...

u liv in an interesting world :)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

n dat was toooooooo cool he he...!!! really really funny!! will keep cumin baak !!!

The Blue Periwinkle said...


Nice post! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oi moti i saw wake up sid first day first show :D :D

it was simply awesome and even made my heart melt!!

sample : its konkona's bday and they have nothing 2 celebrate it with , so ranbir puts loads of jam on bread pieces , gels them together and lights a matchstick on it and voila! bday cake is ready .

*he's looking my-dil-goes-mmmmmmmmm *

Arpit Rastogi said...

Nice Post. :)

n abt this embarassing moment n all-

mujhe na burai karne mei seriously bada maja aata hai..
Once mujhe apne room-mate ki burai uske hi samne friend se karni thi so i wrote the shit abt my room-mate in Notepad n ask my friend to read it.. Now that asshole(My Embarassing Friend)actually read it out loud.. n loud enough ki mere room-mate ko sab sun gaya..

I was like ki sale bol kya raha hai tu??? :D

Science Bloggers Association said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
-Zakir Ali ‘Rajnish’
{ Secretary-TSALIIM & SBAI }
[Editor- Children’s Poem & Adult’s Poem]

Shanu said...

LOL..That was hilarious. Ya i m the embarrasser who ends up embarassin my frnds..i hope none of them take inspiration frm ur post and strt writin abt me :(

smitzy said...

hehehe LOL
I used to be one such embarrasser, but staunch and angry looks from my best pals effectively shut me up.. thankfully, my embarrasser days are long over :D