Thursday, June 11, 2009

Potterwatch? No more :'(

This post is dedicated to all my fellow and fellis (fellow’s female version :D) Harry Potter fanatics. There is nothing to look forward in life, since the series is completed.

To those who haven’t read Harry Potter:- Your life will remain incomplete forever. I pity you.
To those who read Harry Potter and hated it:- Crucio to you. Oh wait, take an Avada Kedavra too.

Some points which make you sure you have been obsessed with the Harry Potter books:

1) You have taken a paint brush or anything that remotely resembles a wand and muttered a few ‘Lumos’ and ‘Nox’ and tried to do a ‘Crucio’ at anyone laughing at you (Personal experience. Yes, I was a kid.)

2) You have sorely wished you could wipe out the memory of those kids, with a simple ‘Obliviate’, who keep ranting the subject matter at the top of their voice and yell out doubts, which make you feel dumber than ever.

3) You thought cricket is stupid after watching Quidditch.

4) For boys: You wonder why the smart girls of your batch are not as good looking as Hermione Granger.

5) For girls: You sorely wish there existed real Oliver Woods and Cedric Diggorys in your school/college.

6) You cried when Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, Fred, Lupin, Dobby died.

7) You wished the pictures would move instead of being stationary.

8) For hostelites- You wonder why the food in Hogwarts was so good and why the food in every other hostel sucks big time.

9) You have compared your teachers with Umbridge, Flitwick, McGonagall and were amazed at how they have so much in common.

10) You have each spell, each of the decrees passed by Umbridge, each dialogue in the book mugged up, and you still struggle to learn 10 pages of your study material by heart.

11) You have joined orkut communities, started orkut communities, written blog posts, discussed on Facebook walls- just to predict or read what others have predicted regarding the content of the next book.

12) You jumped at every rumour of Ron being dead of Harry being dead in the last book and your hands trembled while you read the last book (Not exactly, considering most of us knew Harry would be alive, thanks to the stupid media who broadcasted it early in the morning)

13) You were very critical of the Harry Potter movies, and you irritated your friend who didn’t read the books and watched the movies, by telling them every 5 mins during the movie about which parts they missed and which parts they added and made it worse :D

14) You were sure History of Magic would be more interesting than the History you studied in school.

15) You realized that even if you were a wizard, you would still struggle at understanding female brains (snigger snigger!)

16) You can read the books a zillion times and discover a zillion new things each time you read it, although you have mugged it up by heart, already :D

Can add more and can simply go on. But will end here.
Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! :P

P.S- I know I have left out a zillion other things, but couldn’t make this post endless. You are welcome to add your own, or criticize these ones.

P.P.S- For all those who loved the new dress on my blog, and for all those who winced on seeing the pinkness on my blog- Thanks, thanks, thanks only to Nidzzi. Nidzzi, take a bow :D


Aw.S.M said...

Me first!! thought i d leave my mark..then come back and reply later :)...mount everest has been climbed people :)

Apparently intellectual said...

haha..yes my hostel food sucks!!
i want to be a part of hogwarts too for reasons more than one!!:P

shit, i wanted to be the fact i had the potential to be the first one to comment!you posted just 12 mins ago!DAMN!

and Reply to ur comment on my blog.. i m not in school! In third year! will appear for CAT this year..
I am ur age!:)

btw, i loved the way you said i m mad re!:D..super cool lage che!:D

Apparently intellectual said...

and thank you for liking my blog name so much!:D
bathroom main socha tha..sachi!:D

Aw.S.M said...

actually its "mount everest has been scaled"..the error is regretted. :P

Anyways...i ve read HP more times than i ve watched KKHH...and tats something!! So i guess i m kinda an authority on all hogwarts related matters...:)

Yaar but i ve never felt like using a paintbrush as a wand. A lightsaber maybe..but not a wand :)

Using my authoritatory status..i m adding to ur list:-

1) u know u r a HP fan when u have a scar on ur forehead and u flaunt it considering it kool.
2)ykyrahpfwu switch off ur mobile, avoid the newspaper and unplug the tv and avoid any kinda contact with any kind of media source coz u dont wanna know who died in the last book till u ve read it.
3)ykyrahpfwu on not getting your hands on the original book sit all night long reading the e-book on your cursed computer monitor and inspite of getting terrible headaches and eyesores only stop once u ve know that the boy LIVES!

hai na?


Pallav said...

to be hones i m not tht big fan of Harry Potter
but i m die hard follower of ur blog

Anurag said...

Lol...this was like Harry potter part 6 and 7 rolled into one.....

I did do the point no 13 though must admit :)

A pink coloured blog again ....

Nidzzi said...

@Anurag - Pink color rocks
mads dnt listen to him. PInk PInk Pink !!!! Pink rocks

@mads - i badly wanted to watch Harry potter but didnt get a source to be delivered at home. Then gues wht i did, i watched hindi version of harry potter. My neighbour had in blore. it was interesting but had is i cant flaunt harry potter dialogs.. i think i watched till 4 or 5.
starting main it was more fun.
reading book ka toh que. hi nahi aata. i get scared of such thick book. Paulo is only better or nichols sparks or sydney,
thickest novel i ever read was mirror image by (laaaa i forgot the author) :| :|

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

yes i did balk at the nu template, par tu khush to jaahan khush :)

yes july is coming and something's amiss, wat else no potter this summer :( :(

> crucio and avada kedavra were illegal so i never tried them.

>hermione wasn't supposed to be good looking (buck toothed) , but i liked her so much that wanted to be like her

>and hogwarts ka khaanaaa wow , steaks sausages, lamab pies aaaaaaaahhhh

>like oliver wood more than cedric, but harry and ron more than anyone else :)

>harry potter movies are no match for the real thing. !!!! thats it.

>sheesh mujhe mere potter books ki yaad aa gayi .

>u forgot aragog and buckbeak. i used to wish that there would be real animal like them.

> haii wo din *sigh*

ps-have just another exam left

Cяystal said...

I am bada vaala HP fan, and I've always had it in me to erase the memories of dumbasses..bahut zyada mann karta che! =D..PLUS I liked Mc.Gonagall..she was kinda \the teacher/..I wept like insane when dumbledore,Sirius and Lupin died!..I still love reading HP, and I hate it ki woh khatam ho gaye..I could go on reading them forever..btw I always wanted to have an Owl to give away messages, and also the experience whr I could fill a stupid aunty of mines with air, and then let her fly away!! another one was having a time turner (I SERIOUSLY WANT THAT!)n no..didn't use a paintbrush as a wand, I used my finger :|..I actually want to see a guy like Edward Cullen *drools*..he ws some guy..and nooo..I didn't think HOM would be better than History in school..both suck ..|.. I ALWAYS wanted to see pictures in newspapers and albums moving..(specially liked the effect in the movie where Sirius is wanted a poster is put up..and the wild Sirius acts like an untamed lion :D..I always wanted to witness a quidditch match, and be in cool houses like Gryffindor or Ravenclaw..(Hufflepuff was DUMB!).. shit man! I can write a thesis on HP!..I loved it like hell!..I still do..sigh!

Harshita said...

hehe... mujhey pata hain.. pata hain ki yeh Niddzzi ka kamaal hain... :D

HAWWWWW!! My life will remain incomplete forever... achcha hain naa... then wen I have to propose someone... I will say "Not Harry Potter but YOU complete me"... :) *blush*

Shaunak said...

Girls and Pink *sigh *

Harry Potter was my favourite book from the first page that I really..

>I still have the piece of branch that I cut, whittled and polished to make a passable wand.

>Stuck an LED light at the end and connected it to batteries and shouted "LUMOS!"
* HOW'S THAT!! bwahahaha!!*

>I imagined hermione as someone from my own school till the movie came out. Then I got obsessed with Watson.

>Stood outside the bookstore for two hours till it opened coz I wanted the first copy.

>Imagined Xavier's college interiors as Hogwarts and daydreamed all day long.

>Ride a bike and imagine I'm on a broom.
(ended up crossing a red signal coz I thought it was a, I was obsessed)

Can go on and on and onner(?) but the pinkness is getting to me :P

I just realized I haven't read HP in a long time. Will do that over the weekend..
SO, draco, dormiens, nunquam, tittilandus!

Chitwan said...

i hvnt read any of the books bt hv seen movies though..i loved it..but reading it...mmm....i get lazy..ya crucio if u must :P

anyways..i dint knw harry wud be alive in the end...thanx for divulging the secret..which i presume aint a secret anymore..and i ws the one left out :D :P

i did play a computer game abt which he used to cast flipendo..does the book hv this spell kya?

Chitwan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BIG Omi said...

howdy woman! New blog appearance is kool!

Sometimes before sleeping you just close your eyes and push yourself through platform 9¾ start your journey towards Hogwarts! gosh what a thrilling experience! and in mean time you fugget that ur human not a wizard till u hear that familiar voice saying "Uth kartya sakal zaali"!! (get up its morning- Courtesy Mom - marathi dialect)

MultiMenon said...

Am speachless right now..Too good a desc madzzi.. :D lovely..and cute..soo like you.. :)

sexy new skin.. :p


Dhanya said...

Beeeyutiful pink template! :D

Hmmm... I think I got over HP two years ago.... I loved the books... but I simply hate the movies :(

Amrita~Ams said...

u pinky :P hehehhe...
Crucio to you. Oh wait, take an Avada Kedavra too. :( :(:(

Abhinav said...

3) You thought cricket is stupid after watching Quidditch.

I reject this once and for all..

I am a big Harry Potter fan.. but I watched 1st, 2nd and 5th in Hindi.. Nagshakti, Garud-dwar blah blah
.. he he You cannot spell avada kevdra whataver on me.. I will reply back with Pitrdev sarankshanam! hehe!

I have read all the books and I loved them all...

Movie are not that good as compared to the books.. but movies are mast as well! we can relate to them easily through movies..

What I like most is the nonsense translations! hehe!

Abhinav said...

looking forward to 15th July....

Sia said...

I wished I had a Honeyduke's and Zonko's around somewhere. Oh, and yeah, animagi. :D

kunwar said...

3) You thought cricket is stupid after watching Quidditch.

Na re na... this point is to bakwaas....

And you are forgetting self correcting't those be helpful in exams :P

pseudo intellectual said...

yo!another fan!! :D i still read some fanfic,but jkr was god(er..goddess)
miss them all dreadfully.
u missed out falling in love with snape at the end. i know i did :)

peter said...

I don't like HP at all and i did not do any of those 16 points that u hv mentioned...but that's obvious.I tried reading the books and i felt asleep, I saw 'goblet of fire' and It sucked big time, or at least I felt so.

I know it's damn popular and people would hate me for saying this ..but I doesn't matter how much u force me to watch/read it or doesn't matter how much u ...praise it in front of me I won't like it. At some level i feel it's for kids. and as a kid i did not even know wat the hell this series was.

and I am saying these words coz . I can't lie :(

and on a good note yes the template is gud's so you ..we both Owe Nidhi big time :D

Spica said...

Oh, you forgot "say accio" everytime you want to find something, but can't. I try it even now. Hey, it's always worth a shot!

And no, I didn't know Harry was going to stay alive. I wisely kept away from friends/family/TV till I got the book in my hands - which wasn't for a long time. Stupid Indiaplaza!

nandita! said...

Listen to this.. one day I went to my cuz' place.. she has a 9 yr old son.. I saw a book lying on d floor n i tld him not to leave books lyin around..i picked up d book n found it in a real bad state! n gues wat? I saw my sign on d front page! MY HP 6 book!!! one i got after waiting in queue for like hours.. He took it frm my house when i was not der!!!I felt like stunning the kid!! :X Only if I had a wand!!

Cяystal said... is not better than black..koi samjhaooooo!

Mads said...

@ Amith...hehe.. :P yes yes agreed che.... \:D/

Mads said...

@ Apparently..yeah i read your replies on ur blog after i commented :D so sweet of u to write back
haan ji im mad :D \:D/
i dont believe it...bathroom mei socha tha? :O
i should shit more in the bathroom for inspiration :-w
hostel food sucks :'(

Mads said...

@ Pallav...hehe..I'm better than JK Rowling that means.
cool che \:D/

Mads said...

@ Anurag...hehe gotcha!! :D \:D/
pink rocks X-(

Mads said...

@ nidhi...heehee :P
i will make u read the books someday...before veronica dies (aur end mei bichari veronica mari hi nahi :O)
yeshhhhhhh pink rocks \:D/

Mads said...

@ i'll try to be truthful :D tu abhi tak zinda hai :D yay, now i dont hv to sue ur college for killing u becoz of their exams :P

:| crucio and avada kedavra are illegal curses, but jab insaan gusse mei hota hai, to there is no difference between legal and illegal :X :P
i want buckbeak. no aragog for me. eeeks :-s not a fan of him...
no more potter books :'(

Mads said...

@ Crystal :D wah tu to gujju bolne lagi. the best part being u used half hindi-gujju-english teeno :D lol :D
i know, mcgonagall seriously was \the teacher/ (loved the way u wrote it this way :D)
finger ko wand bana diya? :P hehe :P
owls would be so much fun.
sigh. :'(
i didnt like ravenclaw or hufflepuff much....gryffindor was the best \:D/

Mads said...

@ Harshita, Lol and Rofl, ur so cute :D :D I loved that :D hehe
haan yaar nidzzi rocks \:D/
par u dont read harry potter :'(

Mads said...

@ Shaunak...wah bhai. tum to mere se bhi zyada pagal nikle :D
i tried driving my scooty fast and imagined myself on a broom, and only for some 5 accidents... :D
wand ka idea waise mast hai, par sirf lumos ke liye effective hai :'(
pinkness mast hai :x

Mads said...

@ Chitwan...omg :O u used to play a computer game on potter? im not a fan of the computer games that i'v played
ya flipendo is a jinx for knocking off people backwards :-s

Mads said...

@ BIG Omi... lol :P :P

Mads said...

@ Multimenon. thanks.

Mads said...

@ Dhanya...thanks :D :D :D
yeah movies sucked :'(

Mads said...

@ Amrita. haan ji pinky :O
and not a HP fan?

Mads said...

@ Abhinav..ok, i must admit, cricket wala point exaggeration tha =) :P
omg those hindi translations irritate me so much.
par haan, funny to hai :D

Mads said...

@ Sia...animagi =) =)
Honeyduke's seems never ending which is the best part
and Weasley's Wizard Wheezes seems better than Zonko's now ;-)

Mads said...

@ Kunwar...yaar self correcting quills banned hoti hai exams mei. phir kya phayda? :(
and yeah, cricket wala point exaggeration tha, of course :P

Mads said...

@ pseudo, snape was the bestest part of the whole series. i still feel sad for him :|

Mads said...

@ Peter...yeah people who don't like it always feel its for kids. well, ur opinion che :D \:D/
i know :D Nidhi rocks :) \:D/

Mads said...

@ at stupid indiaplaza :P
oooh forgot the accio. yeah i used to scream accio for the remote and my books and all the time :P

Mads said...

@ nandita....ouch, that must hv hurt big time. :'(

Mads said...

@ Crystal...haan haan :D *nods*
btw i always thought ur a black person and u wud favour black over pink :D :P

Amal Bose said...

well.. ive to say ALL the points were apt..
but there are lots of others too..
im grateful to have changed some of my HP hater friends to diehard fans now :D
i really really miss them :(

Priya Joyce said...

hehehe gr88..u r a hp fan...hahah...I've has so many crazy Hp fans in the vicinity ;)

some even slept wth hp books lolz...

well me not a hp fan..donno y i didn't get into reading these books but yehe hav watched visuals..some parts.

they wer reely gud..

Priya Joyce said...

typos :P

Sarath said...

After readin the books, I wished

- I could teleport myself to places unknown

- own a broom and an owl

- have my college in a castle

- get a girlfriend like hermione :P

n btw, have you read lotr? if you are into fantasy stuff, you would like that too.

Cяystal said...

Haan ji! BLack IS better than pink ..agree karna padega ! :D

HP said...

late realisation about the end of the series ? :P

you missed mad eye on the cried when died point. lol.

the template ... is a little tooo pink. ROFLMAO !!.. the word "pink" is so amusing !! muhahahahahahah !!

The Vitruvian Boy said...

4781415.... wow thats a phoen number...
wonder who's it is...

actually i can relate to 1,7,8,14 and 15..

I have read 3 parts,watched all the movie series and played harry potter game on PC as well as Playstation.

I have an Harry potter database in the form of my sister who has read it some zillion times....

So she's my reference when i dont understand whats going on in the movie....

Try to say "obliviate " next time when u stand in front of a mirror... :P

enchantinganki said...

harry potter series rocks and movies sucks...those who religeously follow potter wud agree on tat!!

I actully cried for 2 days wen dumbledore died :-(

we potter fans fans can manage to get the e-copy before it comes in market..

I miss them so much...
right now m hooked to "Twilight" series...

~Lopa said...

Came thru your blog while surfing from blog to blog...lost track from where to where ;)

HP caught my eye and i read it full.... nice re... hee hee

I love HP, you know when i finished reading 7th book, for some days i felt so sad, as it was over. I actually lived in that world while reading it.

To add to your list..
- While roaming in those European countries, all castles reminded me of Hogward.
- I visited a Christmas market last year, and it was around a small castle, blue lightings n white tents.... I actually day dreamt as if i was in Harry Potter's world, and actually said that loud. And was so happy when my brother commented same seeing the pictures...hee hee
- Looking at "Jhadu", wondered whether it can fly?? ;)

Ahhh, now i feel sad again that Harry Potter series is over. But hey Harry Potter and half blood prince movie is being premiered today at my city ;) [ I know movie doesnt coem close to books, but still it's HP, right...something is better than nothing ;) ]

divsi said...

superb superb superb:) n i can go on n on..i ve wanted to read sumthin on harry for so i ve read ya post 7 times already...

n i can RELATE to evrythin dear:)
17: lazy lethargic ppl wantin to accio! evrythin instead of having to get up;p

smitzy said...

amazing!!! At long last i see someone who's not embarrassed to portray their love for the Potter-mania..

I read the first book at 13 and was hooked on to it.. I have all the books.. everytime I go home, I start reading the series from the 1st till the 7th book.. forgetting food, sleep, sometimes reading till dawn..

oh this feeling can't be written about. It can only be felt... :)