Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday the 13th, The Law of Love & here's introducing, Mom Jokes

I had a pretty (un)eventful Friday the 13th,which ended with me getting food poisoned and sleeping almost half of Valentine's Day. And, of whatever little remained of Valentine's Day, I had a blast (No No No I won't say who I went out with, Mummy reads bloggy, Mads shy shy shy che)

I attended a wedding on Valentine's Day. The best day to get married has to be Valentine's Day. The advantage being, your husband has no option except to celebrate V-Day alog with your anniversary, and he cannot afford to forget it.

I'm bored.I want to get married on 14th Feb.

If you liked Dad jokes (New readers, please check out the label of Dad jokes) then here's the first segment of Mom Jokes. My parents compete with each other these days, to impress you readers with their jokes. Each time they say anything, they either say, "Cool, put it on your blog" or "Don't you dare put this on your blog"

1)I showed Mom the picture of my joint blog called 'Shit for Tat' on my blog. I showed her how to click on it and how it would direct her to my joint blog.
She nodded and asked seriously,
"Then do I have to wash my hands??"

I ignored that, BTW.

2)I was writing a post for my blog the other day and I was giving the final touches to the post (That is, removing a few fucks here and there to give it a U rating instead of the XXX rating. Ok, bad one :( My sense of humour is fucked up because of the exam pressure which I claim I never have. Ok, will continue about this later on in this post)
So, Mom barged into the computer room and sang out, asking what I'm doing.
"I'm posting a post" I said importantly. I know that's fucked up english at it's best, but it sounded cool, so I said that. You know, something like, Ranbir Kapoor awesome che. Exam yo che. Ok, hope you get what I'm trying to say.
Mom replies,
(A deliberate pause for dramatic effect)
"Don't forget to put the stamps" she added breezily.

3)My parents aren't that great at speaking Gujarati since we are South Indians living in Gujarat. But still, they are pretty decent. We have to speak Gujju since my parent's friends who are gujjus, struggle to speak in English since they studied in Gujarati medium in schools.

So, my mom's friend who's a Gujju, was travelling with us for a mutual friend's wedding. That aunty told, "Faras che". And my mom asked her what faras means in Gujarati. Aunty said, she didn't know the exact meaning, but it meant something like 'problem'. My Mom was thrilled and she said, cool, I can add this new word in her Gujju vocabulary while interacting with others.
After 2 hours, while we were returning back (That aunty wasn't with us in the car then), my mom still wondered that how come she hadn't heard of the word faras in Gujarati before.
Suddenly, the Einstein in Mom comes alive.
My mom said, "OMG"

"She actually meant farce in English when she said faras"


P.S- She who laughs last, has to be Madhuri, and she must cry the loudest. Mid semester exams from 18th. I never have exam tension, but this time it doesn't feel like exams, and I'm not having any pressure. Which is bad since I'm not studying and will fuck up my c.g.p.a again. Wish me luck and slap me, kick me, and make me study.

Yeh dilli hai mere yaar...
Bas Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar...
I love Dilli 6 songs.


peter said...

One more advantage of getting married on 14th feb :P

study hard :D
btw i din knw that farace is a word in english :D
all i knw that a word called Farce exists ..ok i dunno each and evry word :D

mom jokes are gud ....but dad jokes are better :-w
and study hard ...kick all the thngs u want to in the xam ( i wont make it even X rated ) !!!

best of luck !

James Nayagan said...

Mom jokes are good ... I like the 'dont forget the stamps'

Focus on your exams. I am sure you will do very well. Good luck with that.

Chitwan said...

they actually compete wid each other kya???no wonder you're their daughter :D :)
what's ur grandparents' take on this?
kool post...more ones awaited.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

saras che !!

hey i always thought u were a gujju ben!!!

heheh faras che :D

14th feb wedding?? hmmm good way to avoid boredom . i say "do it" :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oh and all the best for the exams :)

MultiMenon said...

Waah..Mom jokes are good..

and yeah,study hard and get a better cgpa than mine and ll treat ya for sure..Mine's pretty manageable to beat too.. :p

all the very best mads..

Take care and dun ever buckle ok?? :p


abhishek said...

see you forgot to stamp your posts again :D

all the best for your exams

Akansha Agrawal said...

I have absolutely no doubt where you get your sense of humour from... :D Both your parents seem to have a good one!

Bestos for the xams... I am undergoing the same ordeal!!! :(

mayz said...

mads is back wid another one of her hillarious i love ur i kno whr did u get those genes from...
all d best for ur exam :)

Abhinav said...

i want to meet ur parents! exams over hojaye to go home and make them come ONLINE!
You know my yahoo id!

hehehe mast!

Sam_2 said...

i wish mads gets married some day on 14th feb :)

Aditi..............:) said...

hey jokes are better....and yes...wish you fucking luck for your exams.....if thats the ay you want it :)
keep writing though!

Sarath said...

bahu saras chhe madam..

AS said...


nice blog.. and all the best :)


Rakesh said...

porr u food poisining sucks ways as far as the vday goes yes i have seen many girls talkin about getting married on vday as their guy wont have any other option but to spend that day with her..

very smart han girls

Nidhi said...

MAsti hai mastano ki dilli

stand up n claps for introducing Mom's joke. a new label :)wah ab tere blog k fan increase hojayenge!! wah bhai wah..
madsi study :-w

deluded said...


love this blog and this post.

I think I'll have to be more regular here.

Pri said...

dad jokes--awesome! mom jokes--even better!
when are u introducing 'mad jokes'?? :D

Mads said...

@peter :D :D :D :D thanks a lot...

Mads said...

@james nayagan..yeah :P thanks a lot:D parents after all :P :P my grandparents are a big fan of dad jokes..they prefer their son in law to their own daughter :P so they dutifully laugh for all dad jokes... :P
thanks..the next segment shall come up soon :)

Mads said...

@i'll try to be naa im not a gujju :P :D
and thanks for liking it :D

im seriously thinking of getting married on 14th feb unless of course that kundali shit says my pati parmeshwar or i will die if i get married on 14th feb :D :D :D

because i wont be able to stand the fact that my future husband wont celebrate v-day with me X-(

Mads said...

@mutlimenon..thanks :P :P arre my cgpa wont improve ever :D :D
although i wont give up :P :D
yeah mom jokes rock \:D/ :D

Mads said...

@abhishek lol :P thanks a lot :D

Mads said...

@akansha...thanks a lot girl :D :D :D
and best of luck for ur exams too...kick ass che :D :D :D

Mads said...

@mayz..thanks a lot :D :D hehe this at least proves im my parents kid only :P :"> :D

Mads said...

@abhinav..hehe :P i will pass on the message to my parents
hopefully they wont crack a pj on this :| :| :| :|

Mads said...

@sam_2...thanks :P i wish too...

Mads said...

@aditi... :D :D lol thanks a lot...exams almost over..i shall be back soon :D

Mads said...

@sarath..thank u sir jee :P :D

Mads said...

@ AS..thanks a due for a visit to ur blog..will do it asap..
thanks for commenting :)

@Rakesh...ya food poisoning sucks big time :((
and lol yeah :P we're smart least someone among the two has to do the tuff job of being smart :P

Mads said...

@nidhi..hehe.. :"> blushie blushie che...
and im studying :-w :-w :P

Mads said...

@deluded..thanks a lot :D :D :D

@Pri... hehe thanks :D
arre mad jokes are nothing compared to mom and dad jokes...!!! :(( :P

Adithya said...

good ones......tryin keepin a regular mom/dad's jokes section....:)

HP said...

haha ! you sure have a mast family !! :D
hahahahahahahahaha! :P

all the bestest !! :D

Harini said...

cool che!!
i love ur mom's jokes!!
i guess good humor runs in ur family!!!
its in ur "genes"
awaiting more such jokes from ur mom!
btw... my fav is that "farce" one.

alex paul k said...

Make sure dat all yo classmates reads this b4 der xams so dat dey go completely out f ideas n damn u can bettr yo gpa

nice dat yo family s blessed with a funny bone,neva mind d quality...der s always scope for improvement

sawan said...

hwz the exam goin on madzie??

Rozz said...

gujjus.. well wat to say of them.. i guess i will be politically correct and say.. 'no comments' :P
after all among so many lawyers, am sure somebody wud tak offence and sue me for something or the other... blaah!! as if i care...
neways.. hope ur exams went well...
and yeah Dilli 6 music is awesome!! :D

Amrita~Ams said...

heheh...u r PJ queen now :P :P

btw dad joke are better...plz dont let ur mom read this comment :P

nyways..mads rock ur xms..(read it as study well)
n yes we r soul siblings :P
even i luved that songs

Mahul said...

I love Mom jokes, they're gr8.
Hope to have more of them.

kapman said...

ur mom cracks good jokes
better that dassu atleast
and stop clogging ur comments post with ur comments
dont u saturate us with ur loud thoughts on ur blog enough ??

farasG said...

it's funny how people visited my blog through yours just because my name is Faras :)

Mads said...

@adithya..yeah :D sure :D thanks for commenting :) :)

@HP...thankuuuuuu :D :D :D :D

@Harini !!!!!!!!! thanku :D :D :D will surely update my blog with such jokes :D

Mads said...

@alex paul...great idea :D :D lol..
and thanks for liking the jokes :)

@ sawan...exams finished me off :D

@ rozz...yeah ;) lol :P :P be nice to us lawyers :D :P yup delhi 6 music 'only' rocks :D \:D/ :D

Mads said...

@amrita~ams... >:D< hugs che read the comment but she was fine whatever ;) :P
thanks for crowning me pj queen :D

@Mahul..hey thanks for liking them :) :D :D

@kapman...hehe thanks for liking them..and hey, i hv to thank everyone who comments here :| ishtyle che... !! :D B-)

Mads said...

@farasG... lol :P :P :D :D sheer coincidence or what :O !!!