Monday, February 25, 2008

Love is beautiful or painful ?

I was forced into having(and thankfully so!!) this conversation with a very good friend of mine...Is Love beautiful or painful? Without thinking (as usual) I jumped at the first option, of course, Love is beautiful!! She gave me a thoughtful look and her mischievous smile turned into an ironical smile and said, "Yup, love is beautiful..but 98% of it is painful..." I gave her a "you're-the-stupidest-person-on-earth,I'm-the-experienced-scholar-around-her look and said, "C'mon yaar, you can't say that....Love is always blissful, love is always beautiful...When you need him around, he's always there, when he's not around, you miss him, when you...". My friend cut me off and said,"See!!"
Then, I finally saw.
Love is painful, most of the time, as my friend rightly pointed out. Even if he's late for 5 mins, those 5 minutes seem ages for you and you miss him. If he's in a bad mood and he is cold and indifferent to you, you are hurt and sad. If you don't see him for a day, your heart aches to see him. If you and he disagree on the smallest of all things, both of you get pissed. You talk over the phone for hours together and he asks you to tell him that you love him and the phone gets disconnected. Anger, sorrow, misery, agony, 10001 emotions go through your heart.
Get the picture, don't you? When in love, itself, you experience pain, almost every single moment.
Oh these emotions. What the heck. Who am I to complain when I gotta live with them.....


anu said...

wats wid life without the pain tho eh?? The comforting feel n the very realization that sm1 pines for YOU is in itself more than an excellent reason for havin ta go thru that suffering innit! goes ta show hw deep the human soul can feel...that 'missing' which u call painful is wat makes the union so special..jus like u neva realize the imp of smthing UNTIL u lose it.

ohh n none of my 'buzy'ness ta chip in...[as U very wel might think i kno!]..but chip in i there! ;)

gud summing up.. :)

Mads said...

ur right...anyway..its not my personal experience that has both its sides i guess....annnddd thanks for "chipping in"....!!! :-)