Friday, March 21, 2008

What handsome men can do to women.

Amazing what handsome hunks can do to women, irrespective of their age....
My grandmom was having some serious problems in walking. (Flashback: Grandma married early and used to take care of her brothers and sisters and her children right from a really young age, inspite of only having studied till high school, speaks wow English and supports Aussies and calls my Dravid and my Team India a bunch of losers. Anyway, since she used to bustle around the house at full flow, her poor bones aren't working properly now. Anyway, back to the present....) She could walk with the help of a walking stick but she was psychologically negative and thought she was old and weak and frail and almost never walked around the house.
Our family doctor had a brainwave and the brainwave came to our house, in the form of a physiotherapist. Mom used to tell me daily in the hostel, whenever I called up that grandma is walking around in full josh but I wasn't totally convinced, since grandma always was negative about herself.
Then came Tuesday, when I was tearing home, along with Dad who luckily was hanging around and was driving me home, we were about to turn inside our front gate, when I saw him.
He stopped and gave a wow smile and said, "Hi uncle."
Hi, yourself, I nearly told him....Dad grinned at him and said, "Hi, kaam ho gaya?"
Wow, dad already likes his new son-in-law. And what do you mean kaam ho gaya? Abhi to bahut kaam baaki hai tumhare saath. I was spellbounded by this cute guy.
"Yes, uncle." He grinned again and glanced one of the tinniest glances at my gaping face staring unblinkingly at him.
And he got onto his bike and rode off.
"WHO WAS THAT? " I roared to my dad. "He's cute, man."
Dad gave a Santa Claus type laugh+roar ha-ha-ha and said, "Cute, huh? He's Patti (grandma)'s physiotherapist."
I ran up the stairs and flew into grandmom's room. Her face was flushed with happiness and she was glowing. "I walked 3 times in the hall today." she boasted to me.
She went on about how much he encouraged her to walk. How much he told her to enjoy life, to be happy again. How much he helped her by those small exercises.
I didn't get to see him ever again, since Patti's now in Chennai and roams around the house and cutely fights with Thatha (grandpa) and me over the phone whether India will win the next series or not.
Note to the physiotherapist:
Sorry dude, you didn't get the privilige to be my husband.
But I'm indebted to you for making my grandma walk and talk like a little teenage girl today.


butterb_eer said...

too bad u didnt get to c his dimples,says ur sis wid a smirk ;-)
write sumthg abt our activa "joyride" na!?

Mads said...

:O i'll be shaking with fear while i write abt that one.. but good one, DUDE!! :P he has dimples? seet mens (shit man, as u know) :P *sigh* physio...
how abt one on earthquakes? :D :P

Oka the irrepressible said...

When can I next come to make her walk? :P

Mads said...

lol :P

Express said...


Lovely lovely post! physio huh? sigh u din getta see him ever again...

But ur title really got me worried 4 a sec, haha, u sure r dramatic...


Mads said...

@ express...hehehe :P dramatic i am.... :P thanks a lot for ur comments :) :)