Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some more Dad Jokes, on demand.....

Apparently, my blog readers LOL and ROFL more, hearing my Dad's jokes than my jokes. No, I don't care, my ego is not hurt.I will continue cracking poorer than the poorest jokes till I reach his esteemed level.

I had written a previous post on my Dad's Jokes, so here's a sequel to them
(For all the new readers, check out the label of Dad Jokes to read them)

(Some names and subject matter have been changed for my safety)

1)At work, there was a guy called Vikram working with my Dad.There was another guy along with him and on that particular day, the other guy had not appeared for work.
My Dad rocks. He calls Vikram and asks,
"Oye Vikram. Betaal kaha hai??"

2)I met a guy called Kamalpreet Puri who was living near my cousin's place when I went to Mumbai for a short holiday. I used to daily crib about him to my parents. The day before I was supposed to come back to Ahmedabad,my mom asked me whether I wanted something special for dinner that night,when I arrived.Before I could answer, she giggled at something Dad said.
"She will want to eat anything except Puri."
Hahahahaha. Right!! :-P

3)My mom got this sticker of OM as a gift at some religious function she had attended.She stuck that OM sticker on her bedroom door.
That night,Dad returned from work and peered at the door.What followed next was yet another inevitable wise crack.
"Now that your mom has stuck this OM sticker, our home will become (H)OM(E) SWEET (H)OM(E)"
Lol :-P

And here's one of MY JOKES :-D (No no, I haven't made this up.Sigh.The ones I make up are too...*ahem*..to be put here. Shhhh shhhh my mom reads my blog. Shhh)

Q.How do you ask the rose to go the moon?

A. Gulab Ja-mun.

P.S-Thanks for all the support you people gave me, after that horrifying sentimental shit that I vomitted out in my previous post. Yes, I am trying to grow up and become more serious about my career and not be an emotional fool but Mads won't ever lose her madness :-)

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Akansha Agrawal said...

Whoa! You got an amazing sense of humor gal!!! Totally love this (s)p(l)ace... :)