Friday, November 2, 2007

G-I-R-L-S !!!

Girls suck, don't they ? True, I'm a girl, but I'm a tomboy and thank God I'm a tomboy !! And yes, I have some girly qualities which I hate but have to live with's sad being a girl !!

Here's why girls suck !!!

1) They think too much !! About every damn thing !! Like.. A wore this black pant yesterday afternoon and today morning she's wearing the same thing...Or.. C (guy) praised A's ear rings. Something's going on, I'm damn sure !! Or... A and B wore the same hair rubber band today !! Oh yeah? Really? Ohhh the world will come to an end now !!!! Aaaaaaarghhhhhh !!

2) They worry too much. About every damn thing. Oh there's an exam, I need to study, I have to skip dinner tonight. Oh this button of my shirt has come out, I have to take it to the tailors now, Oh God help me. Aaaaaarghhhhhh chillax, won't u !!

3) They fuss about their own clothes and about other's clothes. If I wear black pants today and if I repeat it tomorrow, no, I should be hanged to death for this error. If A wears light pink shirt and B wears light pink shirt with a black border, A will rush back and change her shirt and then come back. If a drop of tea falls on A's blue trousers, she will rush back and change her trousers. No, I am not kidding.

4) Is my kaajal okay? Is my hair okay? Is my skin looking too dry? Is my lip gloss a bit too much? Is my shirt too short? Is my shirt and pant combination looking weird ? Aaaaarghhhhhhhh
Oh and I almost forgot.
I reply "Yeah, it's looking okay."
The next question.
"Are u sure? with a worried look on the face.

5) Pink se panga nahi lene ka. Girls love pink. A room with pink walls, pink curtains, pink bed, pink cupboard full of pink clothes, get the pink picture, don't u ? We just love pink :-)

6) Girls hate sports. Some love it for the men. Brett Lee. Yuvraj Singh. Rahul Dravid. :-) Sigh. But when it comes to playing sports, either they're afraid of developing muscles. Or they are afraid of marching around like a guy (like I do :-P) Or they are simply afraid their nails might break off.

7) Girls with attitude suck big time. Fine ur good looking. Fine u've got great brains. BUT HOW ABOUT BEING DOWN TO EARTH ABOUT IT ???????????

8) Girls will never understand girls.

9) Girls bitch a lot. Girls can't keep personal and professional life apart. If A and B don't like each other, forget about involving them in something together. It won't work out. I admire guys for that. They keep aside their differences and stick together, come what may.

10) Girls care too much. They cry too much. They are too emotional for words.

And a lot more of that...I realize this list will never end, lol........


Anshuman Agrawal said...
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butterb_eer said...

nice...but one thing's for sure..being a gal is MUCH BETTER than being a boy!!!!

vineet said...

“What girls do to each other is beyond description. No chinese torture comes close.”

Oka the irrepressible said...

ROFL ! Awesome !!!

Mads said...

hehe agree wid u butter beer :P

@vineet SO TRUE !!!!!!

@oka :P haha to u too

Doris said...

Keep up the good work.

Mads said...

@doris thank u so much :-)

peter said...

Yeah i made u write a similar post ..but hey u knw wat i hv realized that u still write the same way as u did an year ago ..which is gud and bad at the same time

gud coz ..It rocks and if u change u and ppl reading it may nt like it :D

Bad cuz ..u can alwys do better

see i change my way of writing in evry damn post ..coz i dunno wats my style of writing is :(

Mads said...

@peter...ya ur right. will think abt changing my style and improving it. :-)