Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And the juniors arrive......

Scene 1. Morning, 10 AM. The first lecture is over and I come to college then.I am beaming as usual and suddenly 3 unfamiliar faces pass by, looking down, looking sideways, whispering to each other, trying not to meet my eyes.My sweet smile turns into a stare which in turn becomes a glare as I pointedly glared a stare at the 3 guys.One guy whispers to the other 2 sensibly,"Dude, she's our senior, we'd better wish her, or we're screwed.Look at the way she's glaring at us.She hates us already."
And the 3 guys sensible wish me,
"Good morning, Ma'm" and scurry away in fright....

Don't you love that sense of authority u get by becoming a senior? Seeing those poor frightened faces wishing u good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night a zillion times a day ?
Those are the good points for the seniors.....Sad for the juniors, they have to endure all the torture of noticing whether its morning or evening or afternoon.They have to endure the torture about speaking about home and enduring the bitching....
Junior-Good morning Ma'm, I'm ___ from Bangalore.
Ma'm-Hmm morning, What? You are from Bangalore ? No wonder you got that Bangalore attitude written on you.(Telling the people around her)- So many juniors from Bangalore this time. Mark my words, they are going to be just like other Bangalore people out here.(Shooting a disgusted look at the junior who's biting his/her lip and enduring the senior abusing Bangalore left and right) I don't know why Bangalore people bother to come over here.

See? That's what happens. Luckily my phase as a junior was pretty cool.I loved my seniors and I still do, seriously.My introduction went like....

"Good morning, Ma'm/Sir. I'm Madhuri Iyer.I..."
"Madhuri Dixit?" mocked a senior.
"No Sir, Madhuri Iyer.I..."
"Or are you Madhuri Nene?" he asked seriously
I actually glared at him, and said "Iyer !!!"
He simply stared at me. I muttered sorry. Don't give me a life sentence for losing my temper please, I almost pleaded.
"Koi baat nahi, so Madhuri Iyer,"the same senior stressed on the word 'Iyer' and gave a smile,and asked "So where are u from?"
"Basically I'm from Mumbai and Chennai but I've lived in Ahmedabad all my life."
A stupid senior who's name I cannot disclose.The question was stupid but he's a really sweet senior, "So are you a gujarati?"
"No sir, I'm Madhuri Iyer.I'm a Tamilian."
"Tamilian living in Gujarat all your life" he sniggered.
"And actually she's also from Mumbai" said some one else.
The entire bunch of seniors were laughing.
I was smiling sheepishly.
At least I didn't disappoint my seniors. My batchmates looked on jealously as I, Madhuri Iyer, succeeded in winning the hearts of my seniors right on day 1. :-)

Back to my juniors. It's sad being in their place. But now it's alright. Ragging's done. But still some people insist on calling me Ma'm. Or Didi. I don't mind either of them (since none of them are good looking, they can very well make me their sister, I don't mind) but c'mon it gets to you sometimes.
Anyway, the juniors HAVE arrived, and they are here to stay.........


vineet said...

ha ha ha.............idle mind ..devil's workshop

Mads said...

:P haha..same to u :P

peter said...

u have responded to all ur comments bahut baad mein after like an year ...hai naaa ??
i can fig out from ur pic and of course from the details...u r are also jobless like me ...we rock \m/

and ragging mein bas itna he hua :O

Mads said...

@peter :P :P i cudnt write more on my blog kyunki my blog is monitered :">
haanji i was too bored to respond to the comments before. wanted to even delete it coz i was fed up lol :P

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff thanx :)

Abhinav said...

Even I wished you were Madhuri Dixit.. Anyways, you are better than her since you talk to me!

weird line above!

Yeah.. clg days had strange scenes of mocking while ragging.. I too have experiences of diff kinds..! :P