Friday, November 7, 2008

A Tribute to my Blogger F.R.I.E.N.D.S

When I'm low, no one's there,
When I'm high, no one cares,
When you least expect it, comes someone in your life,
To be with you, in each and every strife,
They are my friends on the blogosphere,
Each one of them, a gem, so dear.

My favourite, the cutest of them all,
Is Peter, with whom I always have a ball,
My soul sister, who's after the same guy as me,
She's Trinaa,"Oh Ranbir!!", we say we glee,
There's Nidhi, who's always shopping or cooking,
Abhinav's tongue cannot stop working,
Sia's crazy, completely wild,
PJ, who's more mature than me, even if she's just a child,
Alex Paul, a great writer, keeps me entertained,
HP, who's good at computer things, leaves me dumbfounded,
Raka, who is wicked, always upto some fun,
With Harshita, her number one. (KIDDING!)

These are my friends, now blogroll them before it's too late,
I guarantee, they'll make your best mate!!

P.S- This poem was written under immense frustration and irritation. Guests had come over at 10 in the night and were there till midnight. I thought I could shower them with my mesmerising presence and a quick Bolt types speech(Arre, that guy who got fastest running record in Olympic Games :D):-"Hello Aunty,How are you, I'm fine,Happy New Year(Gujjus have their New Year now)"and flash my 1000 watt fake smile and bury myself in the computer. But Alas. The guests had come to learn from my Dad about this invention by Charles Babbage. My Dad, the know-it-all,can stop me from watching K serials at 10 in the night and can give me a lecture about using the computer after 11 in the night and not sleeping early, but he could teach the guests shit on computer till midnight. Sigh. Life is unfair. I locked myself in my (and my invisible sister's) room and fumed.

I missed my blog and my comments (which were actually becoming 30+ per post.Wow) Hence, this poem, dedicated to my bloggie friends :-)
-I wanted to rhyme Raka with Hakka Noddles which Nidhi made (What's the difference between pasta,momo and hakka noodles? I don't know :D)

-I couldn't fit in Buzzz,Sarath,pseudo intellectual and hell lot more bloggers due to lack of patience(See I was very pissed, and even this poem ain't that great, so be lucky you
are missing out :D) on my part. I shall do the honours sometime soon.


Buzzz said...

Hey Mads, u broke my heart :(

Just kiddin....

BTW why r u irritated.......dont be and just chill up....

wud comment on this in detail soon, abhi gotta go to a movie :))

peter said...

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

wow :D

see I can do it finally !!
and sucha a coolsome awesome poem (my gawd all of these are rhyming use them in the next poem u write)

a tons of thnkuz very much for writing a poem on me ...errrr on us;)

Gud jaaaab !!
I am sure smiling now see :) :) :)

Mads said...

@buzzz :P im not irritated now :D :D my poem for u is due next time :)

@ peter thankuuuuuuu :-)

Mads said...

hey btw @nidhi, i wrote that u always shop coz in ur previous posts u always used to write abt who bought what and stuff..and only that rhymed :P :P :P

Harshita said...

he he he... my name is there...and am someonez number 1!!

Thankoo Mads for that special


Mads said...

@harshita :D :D :P cheers!! :P

Phoenix said...

thank you thank you :P

wicked woman on prowl :)

oye if u rhymed my name with haka id kick some! kidding.. people say the same all the time.... :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ mads:

thanx so sweet of u to write abt me ya'

Mads said...

@phoenix....yeah my ass is safe coz i didnt rhyme it that way :D :D but there's nothing else that rhymes, btw :P

@PJ :) :) :) u deserved a place there....

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

I feel so left out now :(

My list in your blog roll list never updates :x. Even though I am posting at a decent rate.

Life is UNFAIR!

monalisa said...

this is a cute one :)

Mads said...

@prabhu dutta :O ok i'll check ur blog now :|
life is unfair. heck, i didn't invent computers, dont blame me :X :P

Mads said...

@monalisa :) thanks...
now u blog more often..then u'll figure out in my next tribute :D

Sarath said...

U watch k serials??? wow...

n by the way, i did my college from ahmedabad.. which one do you study in??

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I watched Kyunkii.. yesterday , hoping that finally they would air the last episode , but alas...
aarreey the poem was supercool ;).
& i already have a pact with trinaa regarding ranbir :D :D
hey charles babbage ji ke invention pe ab thoda hans de hans de tu zara.:)

Nidhi said...

nice poem mads. and hw did u knw i love shopping??? BTW i prefer shopping alone .. :)i hte whn other ppl interfere when i like something i want to buy it.
i 'll send u a pic of pasta and momo.. and hakka noodles. u'll understand the diff. u r funny

Mads said...

!i'll be truthful..crap, i so wanted to watch kyunki.they didnt show d last episode?? wat happened??? arre we three will take ranbir :D
thanks for the comment :D


i know a shopper when i see one ;-) i love shopping, although im quick at it..yeah its nice shoppping alone :D
im funny? how many times will u say that :P u'll get sick of my jokes soon :D

Mads said...

@sarath,,,im studying in gujarat national law university, gandhinagar...did my schooling in Little Flower and MK school....which school n college were u in???

Phoenix said...

there is nothing that phoenix cant fix but those a tricks; not funny but painful kicks! beware for i intend to scare and trust me i've had my share, so dont you dare to make me snare for it will be rare to kick some ass in bloggersspare :P

lol my rhymying suchs!

Trinaa said...

heylo heylo....cheer up baby!! din ur xamz jus get over..m d one who shud be in a crappy 4 some unknown obscure reason..m not!!! pich... :P

Mads said...

@phoenix, hey that was funny :D :P im so scared of ur kicks now :P :P :D :P

@trinaa, arre im back to normal now :D :D :D arre why shud we get pissed over such a stupid thing like exams? :P
and u didnt comment on d poem gurl :-(

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

pata nahi yaar , last me achanak se parvati aa gayi & sed "maine hi karan -nandini ke bachhe ko apne paas rakha hai " & bas end ho gaya . kuch samjh nahi aaya!!!

Mads said...

:O what the hell...parvati?? duuhhhhh..i'll seee d repeat on monday anyways...they were saying they'll keep kyunki..on sab TV or something...dunno!! :|

Anurag said...

You Rhyme the things well girl but thank god u didn't do a Raka with Hakka waala...That would have been too much :D

Mads said...

@anurag :P :P :P lol...

Mishra said...

So,you happy that you are getting more than 30 comments per post ?

Mads said...

@mishra..feels terrific :P
comment on d post :P :P

Mads said...

@mishra..feels terrific :P
comment on d post :P :P

HP said...

"HP, who's good at computer things, leaves me dumbfounded," --- yayyy me!! .. hehe .. thanks !!!

and u gujju too? cool! Happy new year!

bhagguhey said...

mela naam nahi likhaaaaa
me gucchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mads said...

@ HP..naah am not gujju :P i'v been living in ahmedabad for last 16 kinda a gujju :P happy new year to u :-)

arre,aaj hi aapse baat hui naa..... :(
i'll declare u as pj queen in my next poem...khush?? ya abhi tak mere se gucchaaaa :-( :-(

CяŷştąŁ said...

Haha..m new round your place.
That was an awwesome poem..

Goood work! :D

Mads said...

@crystal :P thanks a lot.. :)

bhaw said...

Hey great job with the cute poem there pal!!
hmmm guess frustration works for ya ;P

Mads said...

@bhawana thank u sooooo much :)
frustration works...but i wud rather not have it coming always :P :P :P

Abhinav said...


Thanks dear, u r far, still I feel u r near,
in this post u mentioned my holy name, may god get u all the fame,

cheers..! }:-)


Sarath said...

I studied in L.D. Engineering College.. stayed in the hostels.. from 2002 to 2006

alex paul k said... postin d 38th comment???
well cant help but i follow a strict routine dese days.....

great 2 c d kind f following u hav generated n u deserve it dudette

PS:the 9th verse f d 2nd stanza was too much f an xaggeration....may god 4giv u

Mads said...

@sarath..oh LD engineering...awesome college... :D

@alex...continue under estimating urself..wont stop me, at least from faithfully following ur blog :D :D :D :P
and thanks for the awesome comment :)
i know i know ur busy wid ur projects n all...its ok, as long as u dont forget to comment and do my stupid tags :D :D

bhagguhey said...

naha naah nw me happyyyyyyyyyyy
thnku thnkuuuuuuuuu
chocolate kahan hai uss din ki :x
me again gucchaaa :P

Mads said...


shopping nahi gayi us din :( :( mera bhi chocolate pending...tumhare bhi pending... :(
wo bhi due hai..along wid d no more guccha :X :X :P

Mads said...

@abhinav...nice rhyme.. :P

Sia said...

muah!!! atleast i coutn in the list that was so sweet! :D

Mads said...

@ sia :-) thanku :-) u deserved a place in that whacky list :P

bhagguhey said...

oks acchi si poem likhna :P

pseudo intellectual said...

very, very nice :)

Mads said...

@ bhaggu :P :P

@pseudo..thanks a lottttt :) ur turn will come the next time :P :P

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey mads...I want be in your gang of bloggers too.....mujhe bhi chance do nah...:))
nice post :)