Sunday, April 13, 2008

13th April '08. 11:43 p.m.

I was watching Titanic sink along with my sister. Tears rolled down my cheeks as Rose smiled and tried waking Jack when the rescue boat came. Jack didn't wake up. Jack was gone. My sister said, "It's okay, Jack will come back alive." But I couldn't stop crying. Why couldn't Jack climb on the board where Rose was lying down? Why did Jack have to die? Why ??I was just brushing my tears away when my cell phone burst into loud music. It wasn't 12, yet, I grumbled into the phone.The birthday wishes continued on and I couldn't see the last
scene where Rose and Jack met on Titanic again.Suddenly an unfamiliar number buzzes loudly. I stared at the number and frowned. I hate
unknown numbers, by the way. I relunctantly cut off whoever was wishing blessings and happiness and blah blah and answered the unfamiliar number."Hey, Happy Birthday!!""Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu" I bubbled with enthusiasm and happily shouted. "But who's this?" I asked."It's Rahul Dravid.""Ohhhh" I gushed. "Oh thanks for wishing yaar.Wat's up?""Your birthday is going to be a great day for us. Yesterday, we defeated South Africa at Green Park, Kanpur, and celebrations are going on since then. Today, I'm flying back to Bangalore to spend time with Samit and his mom.""Ohh" I said dryly at the sound of my sautan. "Cool, What do you reckon about IPL ?""IPL's just money and bang-bang-it's over. But what the heck. Cricket is a business man's
game and no longer a sport. We have to live in this rude reality. I won't be surprised if hardly any youngster takes up tennis or hockey since the money is all in cricket.We can't do anything about it, except try winning each and every match possible. The public won't let us survive if we lose, right?"He laughed ironically.We talked for some more time and then he kept the phone down.

Chuck IPL. Chuck ICL. We just want Team India.

Birthday wish to God: Bring back Indian Hockey team from the dumps.


Oka the irrepressible said...

How do you know it was Rahul Dravid? Did he tell you his driver's license number and voter id number? :|

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Unknown numbers do have a uncertain tinge abt them!

Why RD only? Hargreaves or Anderson kyun nahi?

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

The newest post was added only to be deleted?

Mads said...

yeah. coz people would put nazar on my friends then :-(

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Possessive.. eh?

I can dream the apathy, the signed bat is going to have!

peter said...

weird i should say :P

Mads said...

@ Peter...aewhi post type tha :(