Friday, December 18, 2009


Searching and seeking,
For The perfect plan,
A reason for my real smile,
Them, with whom I can share,
Blink, and there's no one around.

Oh yes, you are there,
But still not quite here,
What am I doing? Myself I know not,
One down, one erupts back,
Punches my face, flat I fall,
Picking up the pieces, bruised,
Alone, I collect myself.
I smile, and be with you,
Not let you know, your wrong,
Dance to your moves, tunelessly.

Have to let it go, as usual,
Wait for the verdict of my fate,
Nothing can be worse than this,
I'll bet there's more to come....


Sweet Addiction said...

nice poem. Blink or wink m always there. BTW are u falling in love with some1 mads??? and m sure there in THE one yet to come

Harshita said...

Deep that is...

I donno how to write good poems like Peter and you...par fir bhi I can understand them well and ofcourse relate to some of them.

This one is just MY thing...

Although u knw.. fir bhi just to let u knw... Just like Niddzzi, me too always there for u.

Hope the next post is happier :)

Shaunak said...

Deep thoughts Mads. Koi mil gaya?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i'm sure you're in love but dukhi wala. koi baat nahi time passes and heals.

Dhanya said...

Hmmm! :(

I dunno whether to like or hate this poem. Like it coz it's written so well, hate it coz it's so sad...

Hope everything works out the way you want it to...

Meera said...

:( Nice poem, but sad!
Wish what you wish comes true! :)

Abhinav said...

yes.. reason samajh nahi aaya.. as you had warned!

reason samjhaado please!!
fir hum taareef kardenge!

peter said...

I guess I get it somehow, may you get a nice real frnd soon, and may u forget all these pains.

Poem's good but yeah like everyone is sad it doesn't make it sound good !!

nandita! said...

nicely expressed but felt a lil sad reading it..

Anonymous said...

Search and seek,
And you will emerge with the faith.
That all your smiles are real,
With heart's bond of marvel.

Don't get punched,
Get up and give back a bunch!
Don't fall flat,
Rise and flatten the brat.

Dance till the wait is over,
Dance as the steps of fulfillment,
Dance with the winds of change,
Dance through the dark clouds,
Dance like illumined lightning,
Dance like the seeker having found the ultimate truth!

I'm sure, u'll be the one with everything after that :)

sawan said...

this is good - the poem, not the feel.

Sorcerer said...

Stumbled across your blog

nice lines... loved reading it